Oppo’s Chinese Official Misbehaves Indian Employees & Calls Them Beggers

Oppo chinese employee abuses Indian employees

Oppo’s Chinese employee Misbehaved with Indian employees at Punjab unit of the company. It’s the second time we hear about such disrespectful act by Oppo India’s Chinese employees.

Earlier in the month of March, their Chinese official at Noida unit tore the Indian flag and put it into the dustbin. After that FIR was lodged against him for disrespecting the nation. After this incident team of 8 employees sent their resignation letter to the HR department.

According to the resignation letter, the Chinese official was putting pressure on Indian employees to resign. When they ask for the salary, he called them beggars and said they are working for money only not for the company. He always disrespects India and its culture. The below letter is not confirmed by us yet.

Well, the team of 8 members conveyed that he said Indians have no self-respect. He makes wrong commitments and penalizes them for no reason. It is respectful that the eight members came together to resign from the Oppo India.

India is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. Oppo and Vivo have huge market share in India. In this situation, this type of acts by Chinese officials is not sufferable. Due to high tension on the Indo-China borders Indian people are protesting against Oppo and Vivo to show their respect towards the army.

Oppo And Vivo Sponsorships In India

Well, Oppo and Vivo should understand the value of Indian market and avoid performing such acts. Oppo has invested Rs. 1079 crore to grab the sponsorship of Indian cricket team for 5 years. Vivo also becomes the sponsor of Indian premier league and Indian Kabaddi league with the investment of Rs. 2500 crore. Oppo, Vivo, and Oneplus are the child brands of same parent company BBK Electronics.

The misbehave by Chinese employee hurt the sentiments of Indian employees that they agreed to leave the company. Currently, Vivo and Oppo are on fire for the marketing in the Indian market.

Here is the official statement from Oppo India after the Incident

We at OPPO India are aware of the recent report related to our Punjab Service team on July 15th and it had been resolved on July 16th. The whole issue was due to the miscommunication between the two parties. The service team was upset over the manager being asked to tender his resignation because of inadequate work performance after several formal warnings for the same. But later, a consensus was reached and the concerned service team is continuing to work with us.

OPPO has deep respect for India, its culture and our employees. We will try our best to avoid misunderstandings due to any form of miscommunication in the future.

Well, these acts are not a good sign for the Oppo and Vivo’s future in the Indian market. These two brands are already on the hit list of many Indian people, and this incident makes it more. They should respect Indian workers and culture of India if they want to stay in the Indian smartphone industry. We will update the news once more confirmations are gathered, stay tuned with techonation.


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