By checking out all these various features of the Windows 7 Launcher APK, you most likely can’t wait to try it out. As you can completely change the look and feel of your smartphone, you must be eager to try it out. Unfortunately, installing the Windows 7 Launcher APK is not that easy.

This is due to the reason that this app is not available on the Google Play store. Since it is based directly on the Windows 7 design, it is against the Google Play Store policy. Fortunately, you can still install this app on your Android device. This is made possible thanks to the APK support offered by Android.

If you are not familiar with it, Android allows you to install any app using its APK file. It is very similar to the EXE files found on computers. As a result, you can also use the Windows 7 Launcher APK to install it. However, it is highly important to ensure that you are using the right version of this APK file. Thus, you should use below button to get the app.