How to Remove Shortcut Virus from PC & Pen Drive (Working) 2024

Are you tired of seeing the shortcut virus? Well, if yes then you’re in the right place. Today I will show you 2 easy methods to remove shortcut virus from PC or Pendrive. Since a large amount of our data is stored digitally on computers, keeping it safe from cyber-attacks is quite essential. 

remove shortcut virus from pc and pen drive

As a result, there are many anti-virus software available out there. These try to keep any malicious or harmful files and programs away from your computer. But the number of viruses available out there far exceeds the number of anti-virus software available for computers.

As a result, even Windows 10 includes an inbuilt anti-virus called Windows Defender. This works just like any other anti-virus program and increases your computer’s security against cyber attacks.

There are different kinds of malware and viruses out there, which can affect your computer. They can result in various things like file corruption, operating system corruption, resource exhaustion, and much more.

And if you have ever experienced any virus in your computer, the chances are that it was the shortcut virus. It is one of the most common anti-virus found in computers and pen drives.

Therefore, today I am here to show you how to remove shortcut virus from PC and Pen Drive. Not only that, but you will also learn more about this virus and what are its effects on any computer.

But most importantly, you will find various methods to successfully get rid of the shortcut virus from PC and Pen Drive. Recently, I have shared fix DPC watchdog violation error.

What is the Shortcut Virus?

While opening different folders on your computer, are you finding a shortcut file of that same folder in each folder that you open? In that case, your computer has been infected by the shortcut virus.

remove shortcut virus from pc and pen drive

It is usually transferred to any computer via a pen drive when you connect it to your system. And if you see any shortcut files inside a pen drive, it is highly recommended to disconnect it from your device right away.

Otherwise, your computer can get infected by the shortcut virus within a few seconds. Even though this virus does not affect your computer directly, it can increase the number of files stored on your device by quite a lot.

As a result, if there are a lot of files stored in your Windows drive, your computer’s performance might take a hit. Not only that but this virus can also be quite frustrating while browsing through folders.

Because this file is at the top of all the folders present in your computer, due to this, you might accidentally open the shortcut. As a result, you will be taken to a different directory which can be quite frustrating while browsing the files and folders stored on your computer or pen drive.

But the worst thing that such viruses can do to your computer is to hide a lot of your files and folder by acting as a trojan malware. Trojan malware files are necessary files which contain several different files within them.

Unfortunately, you cannot access the data stored in such a file. Due to this, you can end up losing some of your essential data, including both files and folders. I have also shared how to convert EXE to APK files on Windows.

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How to Remove Shortcut Virus from PC and Pen Drive?

Now that you know more about this error, the chances are that you want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, since this is a virus, getting rid of it is not easy. Instead, you have to try out different methods on your computer.

And only then you will be able to successfully get rid of the shortcut virus from your Windows 10/8/7 PC or pen drive. Not only that but in this article, I have also provided separate methods for removing this virus from both your pen drive as well as your computer.

Therefore, if you also wish to get rid of this virus from your system, make sure to try out these solutions one by one.

Method-1: Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen Drive by Formatting

One of the easiest ways of getting rid of the shortcut virus from your pen drive is to format it. By formatting the drive, you’ll be merely deleting all the files stored on it.

As a result, doing so will also delete the shortcut virus stored in the pen drive. Thankfully, Windows allows you to format any external pen drives connected to your computer easily. And you can do so on any computer by following the given steps one by one:


First, open Windows Explorer on your computer by pressing Windows Key + E on your keyboard. 

remove shortcut virus from pendrive online


In here, locate the pen drive in which you are facing the virus. 

usb shortcut virus remover tool


Now, right-click on it and select Format which will open a new window on your screen. 

remove shortcut virus from pc and pen drive


After that, uncheck the quick format option and click on the format option. Doing so will wipe all of the data stored on your pen drive. Well, that’s how you can remove shortcut virus from Pen drive or SD  card.

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Method-2: Remove Shortcut Virus from your PC via Command Prompt

While the method mentioned above works without any issues, it will only get rid of the virus from your pen drive. In case, your PC is already infected with this virus, formatting your pen drive will not help.

In such condition, you can use the Command Prompt in Windows to fix this issue. You have to enter specific commands in Command Prompt by following the given steps one by one:


Use the Windows Search feature to open the Command Prompt as an administrator on your computer.

Remove shortcut virus permanently


Now, simply type the below commands one by one followed by an enter:

  • del *.lnk
  • attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l


Finally, reboot your computer to remove this virus from your system successfully. That’s the easiest way to remove shortcut virus from PC.

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Wrapping Up

Well, I hope that you have successfully removed the shortcut virus from your PC and pen drive. If you haven’t removed it yet, you can do so by using these ways. I have provided various methods to remove shortcut virus from pc and pen drive that you can follow to get rid of such malware from your computer.

By getting rid of this malware, you will gain access to your important files and folders once again. If something goes wrong or it isn’t working then leave a comment below, I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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