20 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online {Updated} 2018

Are you one of such anime fan who wants to watch the anime episodes without getting many ads?. Or you want to watch your favorite shows online?. Well If yes then you should check our list of best anime streaming sites to watch anime online. There is no doubt that people are crazy about the anime series.

Anime Streaming Sites

However, when it comes to getting a reliable source to watch the anime shows, it becomes painful and hard to find. There are so many websites available on the internet that offers anime series. However, most of them are filled with advertisements. Or the videos are available in Japanese audio. So how can you watch the anime videos?

20 Best Anime streaming sites to watch anime online

Well as you read further in this article I will be talking about the 20 Best Anime streaming sites to watch anime online. By visiting these anime streaming websites, you will be able to watch the anime movies without ads or with fewer ads. So are you excited to read the names? Recently I have shared Spotify Premium for Android.

Anime Streaming Sites

Read on, and I will walk you through all the best anime streaming websites. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting time. You may also like best music streaming sites.

#1- Hulu.com:

Hulu anime is one of the best websites when it comes to streaming the anime videos online. Hulu does not just have a large collection of Anime movies, apart from the anime movies, it has movies, tv shows as well Hulu original shows. Just in case if you are looking for a solution for anime shows as well as some extra contents.

watch anime online

Then you should consider visiting Hulu’s website. But the website is not free; you have to pay some bucks to access the shows. However, the monthly subscription price is quite affordable also it comes with 30 days free trial. So you can check out the service before you purchase any plan. I have also shared VLC player alternatives.

#2- AnimeFreak.tv:

Up next we have the Anime Freak. It is also one of the best anime websites to stream videos. The good thing about this website is that it is completely free.

Anime Streaming websites

However, you will get to see some ads. Apart from the ads, the website has more than 10,000 episodes of different anime shows. So just in case if you are looking for free solutions then do consider checking out this website.

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#3- Kissanime.to:

best Anime Streaming websites

The Kissanime is another free solution for the anime websites. It is also one of the popular websites that exist on the internet. On this website you will get high-quality anime videos, also you will get the mega-series, cartoons and so on. Even you can stream the videos in different formats. Such as 240p, 720p and 1080p.

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#4- AnimeStreams.tv:

Anime Streaming Sites

Anime Crazy is also one of the top solutions for free anime videos. On this website, you can watch quite a lot of different anime movies. It has top anime series like Naruto, Wonder Momo and so on. Some of the shows are dubbed in English even you will find the subtitles. Also, a few videos are available for download.

#5- Manga-Anime-Here.com:

Anime Streaming Sites

Manga Anime here is one of the best anime streaming sites to stream the latest and popular anime series. The user interface is easy. You will not find too many ads. The website is free but it feels like the website is premium. Everything on the website is well organized. You must check this website out.

#6- Netflix.com:

Whenever it comes to streaming shows online, we often get to hear the Netflix name. Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming platforms. However, it is not free, but if you purchase a subscription plan, it will be a worthy decision. It has quite a lot of original shows as well TV shows. Also, you will get the Anime series.

Anime Streaming websites

While watching the anime videos, you can even switch between the Japanese audio to the English audio. Even you will be getting subtitles. So if you want a reliable platform to watch the anime videos. Then you should consider it. Netflix is most famous on this list of anime streaming sites.

#7- Crunchyroll.com:

Anime Streaming websites

Up next we have the Crunchyroll. Well, Crunchyroll is one of the websites that has more than 20,000 episodes of different anime series. You will also get live action tiles and Korean dramas on this website. The website is completely legal. You can use this website to watch anime online for free.

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#8- GoGOAnime.io:

GO GO Anime is the world’s most extensive free anime website. It has a massive database filled with the anime series episodes, cartoons, movies, and the latest Korean Japanese dramas.

Anime Streaming websites

The videos available on this websites are dubbed in English. To make the site easy to access there is an Android app. You can download the app from the Google Play store. GO GO Anime is a good anime streaming service. You may also like cool Instagram captions.

#9- Funimation.com:

best anime sites

Funimation is known for having one of the most significant collections of all anime genres. It is one of the biggest anime streaming sites based in North America. It’s a completely free platform. Just create an account on the website, and you are good to go.

#10- ChiaAnime.tv:

best anime sites

If you are in a search for free anime streaming websites, you can consider Chia Anime as well. It has high-quality videos and offers an excellent anime viewing experience. It also receives fast updates, and you can download the episodes in mp4 file format. The website is filled with all the popular anime series, mega-series, and Asian dramas.

#11- SideReel.com:

anime streaming sites

Well if you are searching for a specific anime series and you are not getting it anywhere. Then you can use the SideReel. It works as a search engine that finds anime series for you. Just enter the show name, and it will show you the best results. Then click on any link, and you will get the anime series.

#12- AnimeHeaven.eu:

Coming to the next name, well we have picked up the Anime Heaven as the next suggestion. The website is entirely free on this list of anime streaming sites. You will get all the popular anime series, cartoons over here.

anime sites

Also, you will get the ongoing series and movies. It allows the users to download videos in different video quality. So if you are looking for a website where you can download videos and stream them, then Anime Heaven is the best option.

#13- WatchAnime.co:

anime streaming sites

Watch Anime is a great source for English dubbed anime series. You can stream the videos for free. The video quality is quite exceptional.  They have a massive database filled with animation series even the website is managed nicely. The website updates itself with the latest anime shows regularly.

#14- AnimeNova.org:

anime streaming sites

Anime Nova is the best place to get the anime series, anime movies, and Korean dramas. It has daily episodes of anime shows, cartoons, and movies. The website also has dubbed anime versions. The available videos are of high quality. You may see some ads, but the ads are not annoying. You will experience a nice viewing experience.

#15- Anilinkz.to:

anime streaming sites

Anilinkz is another great option to watch full episodes of almost any anime series. It has a huge database filled with different animation series. The videos are of high quality. However, you will not get a download button, but you will get videos dubbed in English. So consider this website as well.

#16- Narutoget.io:

Narutoget is the largest online home for anime series. It even has anime movies and manga as well. The website offers the original Naruto Shippuden to English dubbed naruto, manga collection and movies.

anime streaming sites

The website offers high-quality videos but lacks a download button. However, the website is entirely free to use. So just in case you like Naruto series then you should check this website out.

#17- AnimeUltima.me:

Anime Ultima is also a great online place to stream English dubbed anime series. The website is entirely free. It has all the popular anime series. Apart from the anime series it also has the famous anime movies.

anime streaming sites

However, there is no download button, but you are getting high-quality videos. There are no many ads on this websites. This makes the site one of the most preferred ones.

#18- Daisuki.net:

anime streaming sites

Daisuki also a great website to watch anime online. The videos on this websites are available comes in a high-quality format. However, the website is taken down, so it is no more available. However, you can still pay a visit to the website. Who knows if they made the website available at the time you are reading this article.

#19- MasterAni.me:

anime streaming sites

Up next we have the master anime. It is also one of the great websites to stream anime movies in high quality. The website is filled with so many anime series, and there is a high chance that you will find your favorite anime movie.  However, with this website, you will not be getting an option to download videos.

#20- AnimeSeason.com:

Anime season is one of the trusted anime streaming websites to get full episodes of anime movies and stream the videos online. The videos available on this website is dubbed in English. Also, the videos are available in the high-quality format. The website has a friendly interface.

anime streaming sites

Also, the websites users can vote the popular anime series and the website displays the top voted shows. You will even get the popular anime series on this website. Some of the popular anime series available on this sites are the Diamond No Ace, Hunter X Hunter and so on.


Well, that’s it for best Anime streaming sites to watch anime online list. Some of the websites mentioned above come with a paid subscription. However, most the websites listed above are free to use. But with free sites, you have to face too many ads.

You may have to click on the video player twice to play the videos. However, some of the free websites are well managed so it will bother free experience. Some of the websites may not work, as most the sites listed above are illegal and can be shut down anytime. Also if you have any questions then do not forget to comment below I will surely help you out.


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