40 Best Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites Unblocked (Working) 2024

Are you worried about how to download files from Extratorrent since Extratorrent had shut down last year? Don’t worry because today, in this article, I will share a list of 40 best Extratorrent proxy mirror sites. These websites are also known as Extratorrents unblock Sites. You can use these mirror sites to search torrents of any files.

Extratorrent proxy sites

Whenever you need software or a movie, the first thing that comes to your mind is downloading it from torrents. The torrent community has a lot of data, and for managing it, there were only two giants, Extratorrent and Kickass available so far.

But since both of these torrent search engines have been taken down, finding the right torrents has become a terrible task for many people. In this case, you can use any of the mirror sites of Kickass torrent or Extra torrents for getting the right torrents you are searching for. That’s why I have compiled this list of 40 Best Extratorrent proxy sites.

You can use these Extratorrent Mirror sites to download games, music, software, and almost everything for free. All you need is a working internet connection and a torrent downloader. Isn’t it’s good? Before starting the list, let’s talk about mirror sites and how it works.

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What are Mirror Sites, and How it works?

Curious to know what are mirror websites and how it works? In simple words, we can say that ExtraTorrent Mirror websites are replicas of real torrent search engines. Mirror sites are the exact copy of websites made using the database, configuration settings, and necessary files of original websites.

Extratorrent mirror sites

There may be thousands of reasons why a developer has made a site copy, but the most common goal is to provide more than one source to its users. Below I have mentioned some more reasons that can help you understand Mirror sites.

How does it work?

If one website gets banned for any reason, a mirror website can center with another domain. So, users can access the whole data that the banned site contains without facing any restrictions. Mirroring a website can help in managing traffic. Because every mirror website hosts on different servers, handling a lot of traffic becomes easy.

extratorrent proxy sites

Datacenters can be divided according to users to ensure the speed and performance of a website. Accessing a website stored in New York Datacenter is faster than accessing a site stored in Bangalore for a user from Washington. There are many more advantages of mirroring a website, but there are many disadvantages as well.

The main downside is ranking. These types of websites won’t show up on search engines. Because there is more than one copy available over the internet with the same content. That’s why if you are a regular torrent user, I recommend you to bookmark this page so you won’t need to search for these mirror websites on search engines again. So, this is the time to start the list.

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40 Best Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites

These are some best Extratorrent Unblock proxy sites that you can use to access extra torrent. So without wasting more time, let’s move on to the list. I have also shared Psiphon for PC download.


Extratorrent.ch is one of the best mirror websites currently available. You can use this site to download music, software, and movies related torrents efficiently. It is managed on a server located in the United States’ Illinois and Arizona region.

Extratorrent proxy sites

So, if you are from the United States, Extratorrents.ch is going to be the perfect mirror website for you. The site is very fast in terms of speed and is currently in working mode. Use this link to visit this Extrattorrent mirror website – extratorrents.ch.

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Extratorrent.red is another great mirror site made by the developers of Extratorrents. You can get all of the valuable data you are searching for on this website. This site is hosted on the servers of the United States.

Extratorrent unblock sites

This website is not one of the fastest ones available over the internet, but you will quickly get good speed for sure.
You can use this link to visit it- Extratorrent.red.


The next Extratorrent mirror site that we are going to talk about is Extratorrent.world. It is a speedy website and is currently in a working state.

Extratorrent unblock

This website is using America’s data center for sharing data with their users, so if you are from this area, you can use this website for the fastest transfer of the data. Here is the link to visit this mirror website easily- Extratorrents.world

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Are you searching for Extratorrent mirror website which is working? You won’t get any reliable mirror site better than this one. It is one of the fastest extratorrent proxy sites available in the working state. The best part of this website that I love is its availability. This mirror website is up for many of the countries around the globe.

extratorrent proxy sites

Also, the site is secured with brute force as users need to verify captcha every time, so you won’t face downtime while using this website. It uses New York’s Datacenter for sharing content with you, but you can use it from anywhere in the world efficiently. Use this link to visit it- Extratorrent.unblockall.org

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It is another best Extratorrent proxy site that made a place on our list. If you are a movie lover, you can visit this website for downloading torrents of your favorite movies. It is a free-to-use torrent finder and very easy to access too.

extratorrents proxy

The main page of this website shows a list of popular torrents in each category. They are using Spain’s datacenter to share their data with users and managing the site. The website is pretty fast to use and currently accessible from many of the countries around the world. I have also shared iOS emulator for PC.


It is another extratorrent proxy or mirror website that you can use to access the data of Extratorrents. This website is stored on a data server located in Hungary. The website is speedy and currently accessible from almost every location of the globe.

extratorrent mirror

The data transfer rate is also very high, so it can be an excellent choice for you. You can type the link in a web browser to use this extratorrent proxy site. Recently I have posted Android emulator for PC.


Extratorrent.cd is another popular and powerful mirror site available for torrent lovers. You will get many popular torrents to download from this site.

extratorrent proxy sites

Extratorrent.cd is hosted on Poland’s Data Center, so if you live near Poland, you can use this site for accessing the huge collection of Extratorrents’ torrent libraries. Here is the link that you can use for accessing this popular Extratorrent mirror site – Extratorrent.cd


Extratorrent.cool is another great alternative that you can use after the ban of the Extratorrents official website. This site uses the data center of Norway to hold and save its data and manage the website.

extratorrent proxy

In terms of speed, it is not one of the fastest, but you will easily get more than decent speed while you use it to search torrents.


The next torrent mirror site that we are going to mention on our list is ExtraTorrent.fyi. It has located its data server in Spain’s Madrid area. The site is pretty fast, but it won’t give you better performance than some of the websites mentioned above.

unblock extratorrents

But it is worth mentioning because you won’t face downtimes while using it. Here is the original link that you can use to access this torrent mirror site- ExtraTorrent.fyi


Sitenable.asia is a great proxy site that you can use to access any website that is blocked in your country. You can use this proxy site for accessing the torrents of extratorrent and even of Kickass torrents too. Also, you can access many other banned websites with the help of this site.

extratorrent proxy

It is a high-speed site that you can use for downloading torrents from extra torrents. This site has stored its data on New York’s Data Center but is easily accessible from any location of the world. Type this in-browser Sitenable.asia and visit it.


extratorrent proxy website

Extratorrent’s another proxy website that can be used for downloading torrents easily. You can get lightning-fast speed while accessing this Extratorrent mirror site. The site has its data servers located in Austria. But this site is accessible from many other places in the world.


It is another proxy website to access extratorrent. It is a free proxy site that you can use for finding torrents from extratorrent, and later you can use any torrent downloaders to download those torrent files.

extratorrents proxy

This site is located on the server of Ireland, but because it gives you a proxy network, you will get a decent speed on other locations of the world as well.


It is the most popular replica of Extratorrent. This site is popular because of the speed it provides to its users, and another thing is its downtime. This extratorrent proxy site had less than ten downtimes in 2021.

extra torrent proxy

The website has stored its data in New York’s data center. This website is active for many recent years and is still in a working state. You can visit this site using this link- Extratorrent.immunicity.st


Extratorrent.bypassed.st is another powerfully managed proxy site for accessing blocked websites without any hassles.

extratorrent unblock website

It is a high-speed proxy server and uses DDoS security protection, which automatically detects your IP and checks if you are trying to make an attack or not. This website uses Latvia’s data center for the management of data.


Extratorrent.pro is another popular torrent search engine available for downloading the latest torrent files online. Since Extratorrent is taken down, it has redirected to its new domain Extratorrentnew.top and is currently available in the live state.

Extratorrent alternative

You will get all of your favorite torrent files here easily. You can visit Extratorrent.pro using this link efficiently. Thinking list ends here? Well, you’re mistaken because I have something more for you.

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More Proxy Sites to Unblock ExtraTorrents

Below I have mentioned many new proxy and mirror sites that you can use for accessing the Database of Extratorrent. So, without wasting your precious time, let’s get started-

Extratorrent.agVery fastWorking
Extratorrent.unblockme.euVery FastWorking
Extratorrent.coolVery FastWorking
Sitenable.topVery FastWorking
Sitenable.coVery FastWorking
Extratorrent.fyiVery FastWorking
Extratorrents.unblockall.orgVery FastWorking
Extra.toVery FastWorking
Extra.cdVery FastWorking
Extratorrent.torrentlist.orgVery FastWorking
Extratorrent.zoneVery FastWorking
Extra4-to.unblocked.lolVery FastWorking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Extratorrents is one of the most popular torrent trackers and websites out there. But if you are not able to access this website, then you can use Extratorrent Mirror Sites. And today, we are here with the FAQs about Extratorrent Mirror Sites.

Q. How do Extratorrent Mirror Sites work?

Like many other mirror websites available on the internet, Extratorrent mirror sites allow you to access even if it is blocked for you. It is possible by using the servers of the mirror sites which redirect the website. As a result, you essentially access the website from other servers, after which you will not face any blocks.

Q. Are Extratorrent Mirror Sites Safe and Secure?

The Extratorrent Mirror Sites are pretty similar to VPN services as they redirect your desired website from its own servers. But as these services do not interfere with your data, they are highly safe and secure. Not only that but since a lot of users are using such websites on a daily basis, you can trust them without any issues.

Q. How are Extratorrent Mirror Sites are better than VPNs?

Even though you can use a VPN service to access blocked websites like Extratorrent, mirror sites are still much better. Not only such mirror sites are much easier to use, but they also affect other applications installed on your computer either. Apart from that, unlike a VPN service, Extratorrent Mirror Sites do not affect your download speed.

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Over to you

Above I have listed all of the working sites that you can use for downloading torrents easily. In addition, all of the Extratorrent proxy sites mentioned above can easily provide you with high-speed downloading of files.

With these proxy sites, you can bypass your ISP blockade and unblock extratorrent. Apart from it, you won’t see many ads on the sites. Even these websites will show the exact original content that you are seeking. You will get what you want. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.


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