10 Best YOPmail Alternatives for Disposable Email (FREE) 2024

Are you looking for the best YOPmail Alternatives? If yes, then you have landed on the right page as today I am going to share the list of best sites like YOPmail with you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

yopmail alternatives

I have provided the best possible services for disposable email addresses. So make sure to go through these alternatives to YOPMail one by one. If you want us to add more options, leave a comment below.

I have also shared the best 10-minute mail alternatives. This service is also quite similar to YOPmail.

What is YOPmail?

YOPmail is one of the best platforms offering free disposable and temporary email services. You can use these temporary emails to sign up for websites where you don’t want to share your actual email.

yopmail alternatives

YOPmail is an extremely easy-to-use service. It doesn’t require much stuff to get started. You just need to choose a username, and that’s it. After selecting the username, you’ll be redirected to the inbox page where you can check the mails.

The best thing about the YOPmail service is that it keeps all the messages for up to 8 days, which means you can re-use the service if you desire. However, you can also delete emails manually if you want.

Overall, it is an excellent service for users who don’t want to compromise their security and privacy. However, because of its popularity, most services know that YOPmail provides disposable mail.

And that’s why they have prohibited people with YOPmail emails. And now, you can not use YOPmail on such websites. It is the reason why most people crave for YOPmail alternatives.

10 Best YOPmail Alternatives for Disposable Emails

Well, don’t worry because YOPmail is not only such a service and many alternatives exist. Though most are not so popular, they offer the same thing. So, here are the ten best YOPmail alternatives for you.

1- Dispostable

The first YOPmail alternative is Dispostable. It allows users to create temporary email addresses you can use while signing up for suspicious services to avoid spam.

yopmail alternatives

The best thing about Dispostable is that creating a new email address takes just a few seconds. Also, it keeps a log of your recently used emails so that you can re-use them in the future if needed.

Another thing that attracted me is that it stores all the unread emails for the next two days and checks emails for two months on their servers before deleting them.

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2- Guerrilla Mail

The next disposable email service in our list is Guerrilla Mail. It is one of the oldest services on our list. It offers almost identical features to YOPmail, such as custom username, compose mail, mail forwarding, and many others.

best yopmail alternatives

However, the thing that made it the best YOPmail alternative is the number of domain extensions it offers. It offers more than 11 domains to choose from, which means you can make 11 different email accounts with the same username.

It comes handy because most of the website detects some domain extensions and restrict them from creating accounts. With all the necessary features, Guerrilla Mail is definitely worth giving a try. Also, download truecaller alternatives for your Android phone.

3- Mailinator

Mailinator is another excellent free disposable and fake email address service and one of the best alternatives to YOPMail. Like other disposable email services, it also doesn’t ask any details while creating a fake email. You just need to put the username, and that’s it.

alternatives to yopmail

With this, you can create an email with @mailinator.com as the suffix within a few clicks. You can use this email when you register on a website that seems a bit fishy to secure your primary email address from email spam.

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4- FakeInbox

FakeInbox is yet another one among popular YOPmail alternatives that you can use. Here you just need to visit the website and click on generate a random email address, which will provide a random email address.

sites like yopmail

You can also choose a custom username while creating a temporary email. You’ll get 60 minutes of access to that email, and if you want to extend it, you can do that too.

You can create as many disposable emails as you wish. All emails you’ll receive last up to four days, and you can use the identical mail even after a year.

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5- Crazy Mailing

Crazy Mailing is another among the top YOPMail alternatives that greatly impressed me. It has features similar to YOPmail, but unlike YOPmail, you can use Crazy Mailing for even sending emails. YOPmail doesn’t allow it, making Crazy Mailing a great alternative to YOPmail.


Along with that, you can forward all the emails that you’ve received on that temporary email to your primary email so that you can use them in the future as well. However, you must log in with a free account to explore these additional features.

6- DropMail

Dropmail is one of the best YOPMail alternatives that can replace your YOPmail needs is DropMail. It is a very popular temporary email generating service that has evolved so much to stay in the game.

yopmail generator

Unlike others, it doesn’t allow you to choose a username manually; instead, it gives you a random temporary email. They offer ten different domains to generate fake email addresses. Even you can manually choose which domain you want to use.

Also, it supports email forwarding, so you can get all the important emails directly to your original email without compromising your privacy. Also, the email forwarding will be disabled automatically once you destroy the temporary email. Also, download VLC player alternatives for a full HD experience.

7- Getnada aka GetAirMail

Getnada, formerly known as GetAirMail, is a well-known service regarding disposable emails. I’ve been using it since its early days in 2013, and it has evolved so much to provide the best service.


It offers twelve different domain extensions for you to create fake temporary emails. You just need to enter a username and choose from one of the domain extensions to create a disposable email. However, it doesn’t support the email compose or forward feature, which is listed at number seven on our list.

8- Minute Mail

20 Minute Mail is an excellent disposable email service I came across while testing multiple services. Unlike many others on the list, it does not offer various domain extensions but is packed with some really great features.

yopmail alternative domains

Like DropMail, it supports email forwarding features, but you need to make an account to use that. However, since it is free, you don’t need to worry. Also, you can stop email forwarding whenever you want.

Even you can host an email for up to 30 days and recover it anytime with the help of the recovery key. But that feature is also for registered users only.

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9- Mytemp.email

Mytemp.email offers an elegant and clean user interface. When you visit their website, you have to hit the “start here” button, which will redirect you to your dashboard.

yopmail alternatives

Unlike competitors, it doesn’t allow you to use a custom username. But that thing should not bother you that much as you’re only going to use it for some random websites. It also features a “Write an email” option.

You can use it to send emails with your fake email. However, your temporary email account will be disposed of after 24 hours so that no one can see your emails. It is one of the best sites like YOPMail.

10- Mailnesia

If you are a lazy ass like me, then Mailnesia could be an excellent option for you. The only thing that makes it stand out from others is automatically clicking on confirmation links.

similar sites like yopmail

It means, whenever you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link, Mailnesia will automatically click on the confirmation link to confirm it. I listed Mailnesia here just because of this feature. Apart from this, it is a great service for creating some random emails for temporary use.

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Final Words

I know you might be confused after seeing these many YOPmail alternatives. Well, you can try any one of them as all of them are good for making some churn and burn email addresses. If you ask me to recommend something, I suggest you either go with Guerrilla Mail or GetNada.

The only reason behind suggesting these two is because I have been using these two services for the past few years. With that said, it is time to summarize the article right here.

I hope it was a helpful article for you. If you still have any doubts or queries, you can shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to answer you ASAP.

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