How to Change IMEI Number On Android? (No Root/Root) 2024

How to Change IMEI number without root on Android?

Smartphones these days have made it easier for the cyber police and hackers to trace the devices. It can be done with ease by using the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. Don’t you want to protect yourself from getting traced?

Change IMEI Number

Well, then change IMEI number of the device as soon as possible. Android smartphones are pretty much customizable in today’s world. Thus, changing the IMEI number of your Android phone is no more rocket science.

But before you change IMEI number on Android phone, you need to keep some things in mind. This post will give you the introduction to the IMEI number, the merits and demerits of changing the IMEI number, and the ways to change IMEI number without root and with root.

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What is an IMEI Number?

The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique number given to mobile phones, satellite phones, and smartphones. They are mostly printed inside the battery compartment of a device.

Change IMEI Number on Android

They are a kind of 15-digit unique serial numbers provided to each phone for each compartment of the subscriber identity module (SIM). These IMEI numbers are stored in a database using the networks connected to the phone.

As a result, these numbers are used to stop a stolen phone from accessing any network. For example, you could ask the network provider to blacklist the IMEI numbers. This will make the phone useless on the current network and on other networks, too, in many cases.

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Important Laws to Remember about IMEI Number

IMEI number changer

#1 In the United Kingdom, making any changes in the IMEI number of a device or owning any equipment to do so is considered as a criminal offense under the Mobile Telephones (Re-programming) Act.

Thus, if you or the network provide belong to the United Kingdom in any way, be careful while changing the IMEI number.

#2 In case a phone gets stolen, the owner can ask the local operator to blacklist the IMEI number. This won’t let anyone use the network on that specific device, making it useless in many ways. The operator is expected to blacklist the IMEI if required by the law in the operator’s jurisdiction.

Now that you have acknowledged enough about the IMEI numbers and its usage, have a look at the process of changing IMEI number on an Android smartphone.

How to Change IMEI Number On Android?

Changing the IMEI number on an Android device is not rocket science. But it might be dangerous in many ways. And I recommend you to know this before getting the numbers changed. Want to know how? Walk through the merits and demerits of changing the IMEI number and decide for yourself.

Pros of Changing IMEI Number on Android Phone

  • The phone can’t be traced using the original IMEI number(s) when they are changed.
  • There are a hell lot of benefits provided by the manufacturer to some specific devices on various networks. For instance, some of the budget phones by Samsung have a partnership offer with Jio to get some free data and whatnot.
  • All these offers are delivered using the IMEI numbers in most cases. Thus, changing the IMEI would let you get these benefits on your SIM as well.

Cons of Changing IMEI Number on Android Phone

  • Once you change IMEI number on Android, it can’t be traced with ease. Thus, if your phone gets stolen after changing the IMEI number, the cyber police won’t be able to trace it with ease. And you will end up crying in the corner in the loving memories of your beloved smartphone.
  • In countries like the United Kingdom, it is considered a criminal offense to change the IMEI number of a phone. Therefore, if you are going to change IMEI number of your phone, make sure it is not illegal to do so. Otherwise, perform the task at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you or your device.

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How to Know the IMEI Number of Android Phones?

Getting the info regarding the IMEI numbers of any phone is pretty straightforward. There are two basic ways to get the IMEI numbers of your Android device.

Method-1. Check the Battery compartment

If your device sports a removable battery, get it removed. Inside the battery compartment, you will find the IMEI numbers of the device. This is one of the most common methods used for knowing the IMEI information.

change IMEI on snapdragon devices

In case your device does not sport a removable battery, try the second method. It will aid you for sure.

Method-2. Using the Dial Pad


Navigate to the Dial pad application on your Android phone.


Dial *#06#, and you will find the IMEI numbers of your Android device.

change IMEI on MTK devices

How to Change IMEI Number without Root?

This method works even on non-rooted devices. But remember that this method won’t work on all Android phones. If this method works on your phone, then voila, you’re pretty lucky. Well, give it a try, and do let me know if it worked if your device.


Navigate to the Dial pad application of your phone and dial *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#* and proceed.

change IMEI number


Find the option for the CDS Information and tap on it.


Now look out there for Radio Information and tap on it.


Now the option displayed on your device will depend on the nature of the phone. If it is a device that sports a dual SIM, there will be two options as follows:

AT + EGMR=1, 7, “IMEI_1” (for SIM 1) and AT + EGMR=1, 10, “IMEI_2” (for SIM 2).


Here, replace the IMEI_1 and IMEI_2 with the desired IMEI numbers.


At last, tap on Send to change IMEI numbers on your Android device.

In case this method does not work on your device, try the other two ways described below in this post below.

Change IMEI Number using Root

For this method to work, your Android should have root access. If you don’t know about rooting, follow this guide to root your phone without a PC. Apart from that, take care of some more prerequisites:

  • The Android device should be rooted
  • Xposed installer to install the module
  • Active Internet connection

Once you have made sure that all the requirements are fulfilled, proceed with the steps given below. Follow these steps in the same order carefully to avoid troublesomely:


Before changing the IMEI number, note down the original ones somewhere in notes, etc. This would help you out in future when you need to switch back to the original IMEI numbers.


Once done, navigate to the Xposed Installer app on your Android phone.


Now navigate to the modules and check the mark on the IMEI changer app.


After that, reboot the device into the system. You can also try soft rebooting the device directly from the Xposed Installer app.


After the device gets booted, navigate to the IMEI Changer app. The original IMEI numbers will be shown in the app.


Change the numbers shown on the screen with the ones you wish to and click on Apply. This will successfully change IMEI number of your Android device.

change IMEI number

In case the numbers are not changed at once, try rebooting the device. This will make sure that the changes are saved successfully.

To ensure that the IMEI numbers have been changed successfully, try checking them using method #2, which I mentioned earlier in this post.

change IMEI number on Android phones

Change IMEI Number on MTK Devices?

The methods are pretty more comfortable to change IMEI number without root on the MTK devices such as Nokia 5.1 Plus or Realme 1, etc. Just follow the steps provided below carefully, and you will be done:


Download the Mobile Uncle app on your Android phone from here.


If you are installing an app from an unknown source, you will get a warning via a notification. If not, just jump to the 4th step.


Tap on “Settings” from the pop-up notification and navigate to the “Security Settings” menu. From here, allow permission to install the application from unknown sources and proceed.


Install the Mobile Uncle Tool application on your Android device and launch it.


Now navigate to Engineer -> Engineer Mode (MTK) option.


Scroll down on the screen to find the option of “CDS Information” and tap on it.

change IMEI number on Android


After that, tap on “Radio Information.”

change IMEI number


Here, you will see two options, viz., Phone 1 and Phone 2. Tap on the slide of Phone 2.

change IMEI number


As soon as you tap on that option, there will be an option for AT+. You need to replace that AT+ with AT+ (space), the new 15-digit IMEI Number.

IMEI number changer app


Tap on Send At Command to save the changed settings.


At last, reboot the device to apply the saved changes.

In case, you need to confirm the newly changed IMEI numbers, proceed with Method #2 that I have mentioned earlier in this post.

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Final Verdict

Well, that was all for the IMEI changer tutorial. Why did you want to change IMEI number of your Android phone? Do you also wish for some exciting offers from different manufacturers? Or anything else? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

In case you faced any problems while fetching info or changing the IMEI number, do let us know in the comments. We will look into the matter and solve it as soon as possible.

Also, if you have any other useful methods for changing the IMEI number on Android devices, do let us know. We will add them in our post. And for more related content, keep following Techonation.


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