Download Windows 7 Launcher APK For Android (2024)

Download Windows 7 Launcher APK For Android: While it might be a bit old, Windows 7 is still considered one of the best computer operating systems. It offered a great-looking user interface which was relatively easy to use.

Windows 7 Launcher

And most importantly, it still had almost all the features you could need. Even though we previously had Windows smartphones, they did not offer the proper Windows 7 experience on a mobile device.

This issue can be easily fixed if you have an Android device. This is due to the reason that Android allows its users to install launcher apps. Such launchers will enable you to change the look of your smartphone completely.

You can install a launcher to completely change the home screen of your Android device. As a result, you can even have the Windows 7 look on your Android device if you want. To make this possible, you must use the Windows 7 Launcher APK on your smartphone.

If you are unfamiliar with such Android launchers, I am here to help. Today, I will show you how to install Windows 7 Launcher app on your device. You can also learn more about this app later in this article.

Most importantly, I have given the link to download Windows 7 Launcher APK latest version. So, if you want to get the Windows 7 look and feel on your Android phone, follow this guide until the end.

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What is Windows 7 Launcher?

If you are still confused regarding the Windows 7 Launcher, let me explain. By using this app, you will not be installing the Windows 7 operating system on your Android device. Instead, you will be modifying the interface of your smartphone’s home screen.

Windows 7 launcher apk

Once installed, Windows 7 Launcher will make your Android experience seems like a Windows 7 computer. And the best part about using Windows Launcher APK is that you do not even need to root your device for it.

App NameWindows 7 Launcher
Size7.5 MB
DeveloperAndroid Windows Launcher
Operating SystemAndroid

Download Windows 7 Launcher APK Latest Version

By checking out all these various features of the Windows 7 Launcher APK, you most likely can’t wait to try it out. As you can completely change the look and feel of your smartphone, you must be eager to try it out.

Unfortunately, installing the Windows launcher is not that easy. This is due to the reason that this app is not available on the Google Play store. Since it is based directly on the Windows 7 design, it is against the Google Play Store policy.

Fortunately, you can still install this app on your Android device. This is made possible thanks to the APK support offered by Android. If you are unfamiliar with it, Android allows you to install any app using its APK file. It is very similar to the EXE files found on computers.

As a result, you can also use the Windows 7 Launcher APK to install it. However, ensuring that you are using the correct version of this APK file is important. Thus, you should use the below button to get this app.


Nova Launcher Prime APK

How to Install Windows 7 Launcher on Android?

After going through the section above, you must have downloaded the latest version of Windows 7 Launcher APK. With this APK file, you can easily install the Windows 7 Launcher on your smartphone. This will allow you to have a Windows 7 like experience on your device. You can enjoy all your Android apps with a Windows 7 user interface.

Windows 7 launcher for Android

As for installing the Launcher, it is the same as most other APK files. That being said, if you are new to third-party app installation, you might be confused. Therefore, I have provided detailed instructions to install Windows 7 Launcher on your device. You can go through these steps one by one.


Begin by opening the Settings app on your Android device.

Windows 7 launcher download


Here, either use the search option or go into the Security tab. Now go to the Unknown Sources option, where you can enable APK installation for any file explorer of your choice.

Windows 7 launcher app


Now, open this particular file explorer and use it to find the Windows 7 Launcher APK file downloaded earlier.

Windows 7 launcher apk


Then you have to open this APK file and proceed with the instructions on the screen. Once done, Windows 7 Launcher APK will be installed successfully on your Android device.

Windows 7 launcher


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Even though Windows 7 is an operating system made for computers, you would love to have it on your Android device. It offers a great-looking user interface. Moreover, it also has a wide range of handy features. While you cannot install Windows 7 on an Android device, other alternatives are available.

This includes alternatives in the form of Android launchers that allow you to customize your Android device. You can install any launcher on your Android smartphone to change its home screen and user interface.

As a result, you can also enjoy Windows 7 on your mobile device. This can be done using the Windows 7 Launcher APK on your smartphone. It offers the closest experience to Windows 7 that you can get on an Android phone.

And to help you use this Windows 7 launcher on your Android device, I have already given a complete guide. Up above, you can learn how to install Windows 7 launcher app.

I have also provided some essential details regarding the launcher app for beginners. But most importantly, you can find the download link for the latest version.

If you still have any doubts or want to share some tips regarding the Windows 7 Launcher, then you can post all of those in the comments section below.

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