How to Change Fonts on Android Without Root? (3 easy ways) 2024

Do you want to change fonts on Android without root? Today I am going to share 3 easy ways to change fonts without root. A famous quote says that “occasionally change is all you need” and somehow we can perfectly relate to it.

change fonts on Android

Change is always for the superior, no matter if it is in your lifestyle or personality. Similarly, minute variations in the basic desire of life can give a fresh feeling.

We are all aware of the fact that smartphones are such a crucial part of our lives. However, what matters is how we can construct a pleasant change in our phone to give that nice feeling. You may also like Dolby Atmos install on Android.

How to Change Fonts on Android Without Root?

Understandably, you cannot modify the phones that often, since they are too expensive. So what can we do?

Maybe a change in cover or software or the dull font that comes with the mobile. An android is a commonly used smartphone OS. It is kind enough to offer you everything.

change fonts on Android

In consideration of that, android features apps and means to create all the amendments in the built-in font of your mobile device.

This feature is especially for people who enjoy playing with the phone by trying new features. You may also like install iPhone emojis on Android.

Rooting Android for Changing Fonts

One of the best methods is through rooting, thus what is rooting? Rooting is a procedure consumed by millions of Android users nowadays. As name clarifies it is a system to obtain root access to the mobile operating system, preferably in android mobiles.

Since you can gain control over the operating system, it becomes convenient to amend the device by the preference. You can add or delete applications and change fonts on Android yet more.

change fonts on Android

Rooting has consequences. Therefore some people do not prefer rooting to modify the font of a device. Nonetheless, IT engineers released the nation rooting methods for the customers of Android devices.

It means getting complete access to your android system, even the restricted apps. However, everyone doesn’t want to root their smartphones. Let’s discuss few methods to change fonts on Android device without rooting. Also, check hide apps on Android.

Method-1: Use launcher apps to change fonts without root

Android developers have acquainted with an additional solution, i.e., launcher Apps. They have a bulk of different fascinating styles, and you can download the app from the play store. Then pick the best suitable fonts for your device.

GO Launcher fonts:

We are all aware of GO Launcher, and its rating on Google App Store is not a secret. Consequently, they have made up a new app called GO launcher font; this app serves in changing the font and color contrast of the phone.

Must check increase internal storage on Android. It can help you change fonts without root. You will get tons of selections, select the one that suits your taste.


First of all, download GO launcher app from play store.

change fonts on Android


Open GO launcher app and select menu on home from the right corner. After that just tap on GO settings.

change fonts on Android


Click preferences and find font option and select the desired font from the list followed by scan font. Finally, choose it, and that’s it you got the new fonts.

change fonts on Android

You can complete this process by sd card/GOlauncher Ex/fonts. After making necessary amendments, the font will change automatically.

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Method-2: Android phones with already installed fonts

Few smartphones such as Samsung and LG have built-in font selections in the Android software. So, in this case, it is simple just follow below steps.

  • Go to settings and select font. A list of available font options will appear in front of your eyes.
  • Choose the best one and apply it to your phone. It is the easiest way to change fonts on Android without root.

Nevertheless, the one weakness is the ease of practice of this route is Samsung devices merely.

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Method-3: Use font apps to get new fonts without root

Stylish fonts:

change fonts on Android

This app is the highest grossing app to change fonts on Android. It has 10 million downloads, and it’s among the top 5 in android market. Now the steps involved in this app are given below.


Download the stylish fonts app from play store and open it. Take a look at the Offered options and analyze the various fonts.

change fonts on Android


Select the one you liked and lastly, change the font straight from the app. Once the changes applied, you will get new fonts.

change fonts on Android


This app is especially for the non-rooted devices, claiming hundred percent results. The only drawback is that it operates on limited phones. Hence its market is limited, but the aftermath is worth it.


Go to play store and search for the iFonts application. Download and open it on your Android device.

change fonts on Android


Scan upon the app followed by typing the name of desiring font. Select the font and click on download button.

change fonts on Android


Open settings navigate to display and font style. The font you installed should be available. Or the second method is to tap set button on the app.

change fonts on Android


Select the new font applying as a system font. That’s it no requirement to reboot the mobile phone

Font Fix:

Featuring thousand plus font styles, Font Fix is one of the highly appreciated font apps in play store.

change fonts on Android

Consumers simply download the app and apply the adored font to change the total appearance of the android device. You can use it like other font apps.


Well, these are some easy methods to change fonts on Android without root. Moreover, it is also important that your mobile device is charged enough for completing the process.

If you do not have a wall charger, a power bank will be your saviors. However, in case of any interruption, it is always best to seek professional help. For that, you can ask us via the comments section.


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