10 Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android (Working) 2024

Best Nintendo DS emulator for Android:

The Nintendo DS is one of the most famous handheld consoles. It is popular in the gamers community. Nintendo is similar to GameBoy and PSP. There are some amazing games available for the Nintendo DS on the Google Play Store.

Nintendo 3ds emulator

So, it is easy to download them and enjoy them while using Nintendo DS with Android Phones or Tablets. With the Nintendo DS, you can enjoy your favorite games at any time on your android smartphone with the same feel.

But, it is still in the initial development stage so there are not enough games to play with the Nintendo DS as of now. We hope it will be better in the future for Android gamers. Don’t worry, I have collected some games and will show you all of them in a little while.

You can download these games from Google Play Store and enjoy it on your Android Smartphone or Tablet with the Nintendo DS to get the best gaming experience. I have also shared Xbox one emulators for you.

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How does Nintendo 3DS Emulator work?

You may also want to see the features of the Nintendo DS, first read this. It will help you select the better ones. These Emulators will turn your gaming experience to be amazing. Some of the apps shown here are paid, some are free. All of them work well with an Android smartphone or tablet.

Nintendo DS will give you some nostalgic feel to remind you of the old days while playing these lovely games. The procedure is simple as it looks, you just have to download and install the games on your android device and use them with some best Nintendo DS emulator for Android.

Some of the games might be laggy on older devices but will work smoothly on the latest generation’s Android device. Just install them and have the best gaming experience. Recently I have shared iOS Emulators for Windows PC.

10 Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android

Here is the list of the games you can enjoy with your Nintendo DS on an Android device. You can also try these iOS Emulators on your Android phone.

1- DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is one of the best Nintendo DS emulator for Android. It provides you a lot of amazing games for your android device. It provides some amazing features like customizing the screen layout, customization of the controller, hardware customization, fast forward, and much more.

best nintendo 3ds emulator

Additionally, it provides support to some amazing services like Google Drive and other great online services. The graphics available for this are amazing as well. This app is available for the price of $5.99 on the google play store. This is worth trying on your android smartphone.

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2- Pretendo NDS

Pretendo NDS is another best Nintendo DS Emulator available for free on Google Play Store. It lets the user experience their favorite game on any android device with Nintendo 3DS. It also customizes the capability of RAM and ROM of the device. The file extensions compatible with this one are .ROM, .DS, .ZIP.

best nintendo 3ds emulator

This emulator gives you an amazing gaming experience with a lot of customizations. The features are surely amazing including the dual touch screen, saving or loading any game is easier along with using cheats as well. Also, you might not see any lag while using Pretendo NDS.

This is an amazing emulator, it allows the use of cheat codes and much more. You might not face any lag if you are using a mid-range (not so old) device. The graphics will be pretty much good as well.

3- NDS Boy (NDS Emulator)

The NDS BOY is also one of the best emulators available for android devices. What makes it more amazing is its capability for RAM management. It works amazingly with some awesome features like Control customization, saving process, loading games, and much more.

nintendo 3ds emulator for Android

NDS boy works great with other NDS games which include the file extensions like .NDS, .7Z, .ZIP, etc. The NDS Boy is available for free on the Google Play Store and there are no charges as in-app purchases. Your device should have good specifications to take a control on. It might not work smoothly on an older device unlike latest phones.

4- AseDS

AseDS is one of the best NDS Emulator available on the Google Play Store. It includes some amazing features like custom button layouts, display game screen, Cheat codes, and much more. These amazing features on the AseDS let you play the game fluently without any lag.

best ds emulator for Android

This is going to change your gaming experience on any Android device. The AseDS consumes less RAM on the device but some users have not a good experience with the Emulator. But, it is free of cost, you can definitely try this one out.

5- RetroArch

RetroArch is also one of the best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android free on the Google Play store. It includes access to amazing devices including SNES, PlayStation, Gameboy, and Nintendo DS too. The RetroArch is more complex than any other emulators available on the Android platform.

best nintendo ds emulator

Compatibility with more devices makes it a must-try emulator out of all. You should definitely try this emulator once in a while. I did not see many games available for this one particular and the reviews were too not so good but because of being open-source, you should try this once.

6- NDS Emulator

NDS Emulator is a handy Nintendo DS Emulator available on Google Play Store for Android devices. It has some amazing features which you cannot get anywhere else. It allows the user to chat with other players, ask them about any query or errors while playing games.

nintendo 3ds emulator

This makes the NDS emulator a must check Emulator on Google Play Store. The looks of the NDS Emulator are totally different from other emulators.

Not only Looks, but the NDS Emulator also has some amazing features including Multi-Touch, Keyboard controller, Gamepad Controller is now supported, Resizing the touch input, saving or loading a game. It can also load games from the files with .ZIP, .7Z, etc.


The name defines it well; Free DS Emulator is available for free on the play store. It is totally free and doesn’t demand a single penny. This works perfectly on your Android smartphone. It also allows the user to have different layouts for the gameplay.

free nitendo 3ds emulator

Free Emulator is simple as like its name. You can save and load the games on it. Graphics on this are pretty decent. This emulator does not provide enough customization to the user.

8- Nds4droid

Nds4droid is also a free emulator available on google play store for android devices. The game developers are always trying to make it easier to play on Nds4droid. They always try to enhance the gaming experience on their emulator.

nintendo 3ds emulator

Still, the users find some difficulty in this emulator. But, you should definitely try this too as it is free of cost. This includes normal features like Saving or Loading games, tweaking with performance, and much more.

The user can also use the tweaks like frame skip which helps the player to enjoy the game at high logical speed. This emulator also accepts suggestions from the public to improve the gaming experience.

9- Nintendo DS Emulator for Android

It is a fast and easy to use Nintendo DS emulator for android phones. It can be optimized and customized too for any android smartphone or tablet. The emulator supports cheat codes so that you can use amazing cheats at the time you need any.

best nintendo 3ds emulator

The formats supported on this emulator includes .7Z, .ZIP, .RAR, .NDS, etc. The game layout is customizable on this emulator as well. Display quality is above average too. You can use your own style layout on this emulator.

10- viDS Emulator

viDS is also a free emulator available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. This emulator works smoothly and is faster than any other normal emulator. This emulator supports file extensions including .7Z, .ZIP, .NDS, .RAR, etc.

best nintendo 3ds emulator for android

One of the amazing features of this emulator is the ability to map keys and customize the screen layout. Same as other normal emulators, this emulator also allows you to save and load the game from the file manager.

This one is available free of cost on the Google Play Store, you should definitely try this out.

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Well, that was all for the best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android phones. If we missed anything, let me know through the comments. The download links are provided in the post itself, some of them are free and some are paid Emulators.

Share your thoughts on these Emulators and let us know how they work for you on your android device.

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