10 Best Alternative Sites Like Putlocker (FREE & SAFE) 2024

Are you looking for the best sites like putlocker? Then stick with this page. If you ever feel of watching movies on the internet, there are a lot of options available other than the Putlocker. Most of them are free of cost. It’s easy to stream new movies for free on these Putlocker alternatives.

Sites Like Putlocker

The Site has been changing a lot because of the legal actions being taken on the website. You can now switch to these alternatives available for the Putlocker and enjoy streaming online movies for free and in the best quality on the internet.

Putlocker changed a lot of domains, like putclocker.is to putlockers.ch and more and more. So, you can see a bunch of Putlocker alternatives available right now which will help you to stream movies online for free.

These are some of the best alternatives which provide you excellent quality movies, before any other. Not only movies, but you can also watch tv shows from different countries & different genres. All you need to do is select the best alternative you want to use amongst all of these.

10 Best Alternative Sites Like Putlocker

Here is a list of best options other than Putlocker which are available right now. There is no order/sequence amongst all. Hence, you can choose any of the Putlocker alternatives you would like to go with. These top 10 sites like putlocker are the best amongst all the others available on the internet.

As of now, all the 10 entries on the list are working super fine. You can check & try any of the alternatives listed below. The below-listed are the alternatives that work similar to or better than Putlocker. You can choose any of the sites and share your experience in the comments.

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#1 SolarMovie

Solarmovie.fm is one of the best choices available other than putlocker right now. This website provides a lot of movies, shows for free. Solarmovie is almost similar to Putlocker when it comes to content.

sites like putlocker

The best part is that SolarMovie doesn’t charge you anything for streaming movies or shows. It doesn’t require any charges to watch tv shows or movies. SolarMovie has good looking & better user experience.

You should give it a try if you are looking for the best alternative available for Putlocker. This website has been much popular and is still available on the internet. It shows you the latest movies and shows for free. If you are an anime lover then check out these anime streaming sites.

#2 123Movies

123movies.fun is another platform where you can watch movies, shows for free. It is also a good PutLocker alternative available right now. This website doesn’t require any signup/registrations while streaming films. You can log in to the website & play whichever movie you want to watch.

best alternative sites like putlocker

123movies will be a better alternative to Putlocker. You get to watch different movies, tv shows & much more without even paying a single penny. 123movies is somewhat similar to the Putlocker and can be better than that also.

The best part is You can even request movies you want to watch on 123movies & You will be able to watch the movie/tv show if that is available.

#3 Hulu

Hulu is another website that can be a better alternative to Putlocker. However, It is a paid-membership based website; It provides Movies, TV Shows in better quality. You will have to pay $5.99 per month to enjoy Movies/TV Shows on Hulu.

sites like putlocker

Although Hulu is providing a 1-month free trial when you sign up for the first time & after that, it will charge 5.99$ per month or according to your plan. Hulu is having a limited time offer only, which means you can enjoy movies on Hulu for the first year by paying $5.99 per month.

This offer is minimal; if you miss it, you will have to pay $7.99 per month. Although, you will still get a one-month free trial on Hulu. If you are okay with the charges, Hulu is one of the best sites like PutLocker. You can also stream sports on it.

#4 MegaShare

Megasharesc.com is another Putlocker alternative that works super fine right now. This is also a free platform where you can enjoy new movies in better quality. However, you will have to see a lot of advertisements on this website.

sites like putlocker

Still, you are getting to enjoy the movie for free; advertisements might not be a big deal.MegaShare is one of those alternatives to Putlocker which has straightforward User Interface. This website delivers you the content according to your country, preferred language, preferred genre, etc.

You can just search for the movie you would like to watch on MegaShare. This is one of the best Putlocker Alternatives available for free.

#5 Niter

Niter.me is another great alternative on the list of best sites like Putlocker. This provides a lot of new movies for free without having any additional charge for membership. This website doesn’t require logging in to watch the movie.

free alternatives to putlocker

You just need to click on the movie you would like to watch on Niter. The User experience on Niter is okayish but not that great. Niter.me can be a good alternative to PutLocker. Although, it comes with a lot of ads. The Homepage, as well as the player, is full of ads.

Niter is a good platform, but the amount of ads is seriously too much. You will get pissed before even beginning the movie. That is what makes the user experience on the Niter.me not so good.

#6 PopcornTime

PopcornTime is yet another alternative to Putlocker. It is also a free platform to enjoy movies. But, it is available as a Windows software or an Android application. This means It requires proper installation before you can use it.

best putlocker alternatives

PopcornTime provides movies from torrent and other platforms. This can allow the user to enjoy movies in high quality for free. Only because You need to install any additional software/application, PopcornTime gets a negative point here.

Other than that, PopcornTime software has a perfect user experience. The quality of the movies is impressive. The best part is, it can look in the torrent for your films. It is a must-try software alternative to Putlocker.

#7 Fmovies

Fmovies.io is another best Putlocker alternative available. It is also a free version that lets you enjoy movies in high quality for free. Fmovies make different categories amongst the movies. You can choose whichever Movie you would like to watch from that category.

putlocker alternatives

It provides movies from different countries as well. The User Experience on the Fmovies is somewhat okayish. The ads are too annoying sometimes when you want to play movie; the ads may appear on the player.

By far, Fmovies is a good alternative available for Putlocker. This shows you movies according to series, like, by year, by name (A-Z), by country, most watched and different other categories.

#8 PopcornFlix

Popcornflix.com is one of the best alternatives available for Putlocker right now. It is a straightforward website which shows you movies and tv shows in the high quality. You get to choose between movies and shows from the button present on the top.

alternatives to putlocker

There are different categories available like new arrivals, popular, drama, action, horror, thriller, comedy and much more. PopcornFlix can be a good alternative for PutLocker. This lets you stream the latest movies and tv shows directly on your browser.

Whenever you click on play any movie, It will redirect you to the player and will start the film without even requiring to log in to your account. You can watch any movie/show on PopcornFlix from the categories available for free.

#9 SnagFilms

SnagFilms.com is another alternative to Putlocker. It shows you the latest movies available on the homepage. You can decide to watch any movies from a particular category on SnagFilms. It is somewhat similar to PutLocker.

best alternatives to putlocker

SnagFilms is a free platform to watch your favorite movies and tv shows online. There are not many ads on the website too. The User Interface on the SnagFilms is fantastic as well. You can click on any of the movies you would like to watch.

The Player is also well organized and lets you shuffle with settings as well. This is one of the best PutLocker alternatives online. You also do not need to login to enjoy movies. However, there is an option to log in on the website.

#10 TinklePad

TinklePad.cc is last but not the least alternative sites like Putlocker. This is one of the best Putlocker alternatives I have seen till now. It can filter movies according to most-watched, most recent, top ratings, IMDB, and much more.

best sites like putlocker

You can choose whichever movie you would like to watch from the Homepage itself. This Website doesn’t require logging into the account. You can also watch movies from different countries, different genres and many other categories.

This also shows you the latest TV Shows with all episodes in one place. You can watch as much as Movies, TV Series, Shows you would like to watch. This can be one of the best Putlocker Alternatives available right now.

Over to You

PutLocker is one of the best Movie/TV Show platforms. Due to some reasons, it was changed to different domains and is not stable anymore. This was the reason; we needed better alternatives.

These were the best sites like putlocker which can be used to watch movies/shows. That was all about the PutLocker similar sites. If you have any other suggestions for Alternatives, let us know through the comments.

Share your experience while using these alternatives of Putlocker. Follows us on all social media platforms to get the latest insights. And for more related content keep visiting us.

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