5 Best Coronavirus Trackers (Get Live Stats) 2024

Are you looking for the best Coronavirus trackers? Today, I am going to share 5 best Covid19 stats trackers. It won’t be a new thing to tell you all about the pandemic that our world is facing right now. It is a tough situation for every individual in this world.

best coronavirus trackers

Unfortunately, it is saddening that so many people have lost their lives while fighting with the novel coronavirus. What has been done can’t be reversed. But at least we can try our best and help to slow it down and stop it from spreading any further, so no other person loses their loved ones.

As you might already be aware of the preventive measures that can save you from getting infected. I suggest you stick to the official WHO website for all such information. However, we all should be well notified about the spread of coronavirus and know about the latest updates.

5 Best Coronavirus Trackers to Get Live Stats

So, what are the trusted sources? How can you stay updated about the infection spread worldwide? Well, I have done some research on it. And, found some of the best coronavirus trackers that can help you to stay updated about the spread. Recently I have shared fake email generators.

1- The Coronavirus App

Back then, when it all started, three men, Kevin Basset, Maxime Michel, Gyubin Byoun, made this app. As at that time when it was spreading so vigorously. There was no app that people could use.

best coronavirus trackers

With a great initiative and efforts, the coronavirus.app website became so popular over time that all people across the globe started using it. Hence calling it one of the best coronavirus tracking apps won’t be wrong. 

The website shows you the world map with the exact location where the virus has spread. The best thing about the site is that it shows the right and updated data. So, you can keep yourself updated all the time. The creators have added some extra features to the tracker as well. That basically, allows you to get information about a particular area or region. 

Just search for your area in the search bar, and the correct and most latest updates will be shown on your screen. Not only that, but you can also report a case on this website. In case you know someone who has been tested positive recently. I have also shared the best sites like rainierland.

2- Johns Hopkins CSSE Map

While some citizens were panicking about this sudden outbreak, people at JHU were busy making one the best covid19 tracking sites that could help us up to date. Well, this if you see things from the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

best coronavirus trackers

There were only a few coronavirus trackers available at that time. And, the Johns Hopkins CSSE Map is one of them. Still, many maps like this are available these days. Only a few of them are putting up the data from trusted sources and updating it regularly.

Therefore, you can believe in the data that is available on it. As you look at the design of the map, JHU people have used a fantastic looking dark theme that shows the infection spread using red circles as you can see in the pictures attached. 

Moreover, on the left-side section, there is a count of the total confirmed cases along with the separate case count for each country as well. Not just that, you can also see the number of total deaths and the number of complete tests that have been carried out till now. Overall, if you don’t want many analytical details, it is one of the best coronavirus trackers that simply show the details. 

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3- Health Map

If the other maps on the list don’t look good enough to satisfy your eyes, the Health Map is built with amazing animations that offer a great experience to all. The Health Map uses a pretty good UI and feels quite appealing.

covid19 trackers

All thanks to its dark mode, it seems to be one of the Best Coronavirus Trackers that we have seen so far. The Health Map divides the areas according to colors. The spread of the infection is marked in various color schemes. It uses a separate color circle to mark the areas as per the number of positive cases that are active there.

As it fetches data from multiple trusted sources, the information about the spread is quite correct on the Health Map. On the left-hand side, a proper tab is maintained, which shows the total number of cases in each country.

With the help of a small search bar, you can search for any place, and it will show up the cases count immediately. Also, a time bar is given down below which you can use to see when the infection spreads in particular areas. 

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4- NextStrain

Instead of just looking at the numbers, some people out there are looking for a more logical and systematic way to know the coronavirus stats. Well, look no further. Because the NextStrain map will provide you with all the information, you need related to this outbreak in whichever way you want. 

trackers for coronavirus

Do you want to see the spread graphs? It’s there. Are you interested in looking at how it spread? All the transmission data is also present on the website, as you can see in the picture as well. Not just that, if you know how to manipulate the phylogeny data, you will find well-structured data on Next Strain. 

On the sidebar menu, which is quite easy to use. There sits a whole bunch of tools that will help you to filter out the data. You can either select a particular country and read the data. Or maybe, just leave it to default to see the worldwide data.

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5- Coronavirus Dashboard by The Base Lab

Lastly, if minimalism is what you are looking for. Then, inevitably the Coronavirus Dashboard by The Base Lab is the best covid19 tracking site. As you can see in the picture, all the essential data is present at the top of the webpage.

coronavirus tracker

Whether it be the total number of infected people, the death count, or the recovered count, every significant and precise detail is available there. Then, in the middle section, there lies the world map, and you can clearly distinguish the areas by seeing the color only.

Where it is much darker, the areas are more contaminated, and the light ones are slightly on the safer side. If you scroll a little more down, you will notice, all the precise numbers of total cases are viewable along with the country names.

Not only that, but there are also two significant graphs as well that show you the growth rate of infected cases. In all, you can find all the vital information on this site without any kind of complex data that an ordinary person can not interpret. 

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Since I have covered all of the best coronavirus trackers and the best Covid19 apps as well, I hope it will surely help you to stay updated about the current scenarios of the pandemic now.

As COVID-19 is spreading so vigorously all over the world, I suggest you stay at your home and be safe. In case of any further queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.  

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