15 Best Roku Private Channels with Access Codes (FREE)

Today, I will share the 15 best Roku private channels with their access codes for free. You can find a wide range of streaming devices for use along with your TV. These streaming devices can convert any TV into a smart TV for better entertainment.

Roku Private Channels

With such streaming devices, you can easily watch TV shows and movies using an internet connection. One such great option to use along with your TV is Roku and its smart streaming device.

Unlike other streaming devices, Roku allows users to add channels of their choice. These Roku channels offer you different media libraries for streaming content online.

While Roku offers many channels on the Roku Channel Store, you can also find private channels for Roku out there for even more content for streaming.

But if you are unfamiliar with private channels for Roku, you can go with one of the 15 best Roku private channels with access codes. You can also learn more about it by going through this guide until the end.

What Are Private Channels for Roku?

Before looking at the wide range of Roku private channels and the best ones given below, you should also learn more about them. As you can guess by the name, these private channels are not directly available on the Roku channel store.

Instead of using their access codes, you must add these Roku private channels separately. You can add such channels from the Manage Account section and select the Add Channel with a Code option to proceed further.

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15 Best Roku Private channels with Access Codes

Now that you know more about Roku hidden channels, you might also be interested in using them on your Roku device. I have even given instructions on using access codes to add a given channel to your account.

These hidden channels can offer you a wide range of content streaming options; there are a lot of channels out there. Out of all these different options, we are here with the following 15 best free Roku private channels with access codes to help you get the most out of your Roku streaming device.

1. Unofficial Twitch.TV

Twitch is currently one of the most popular live streaming services out there. While it started as a gaming platform, it offers much more now. As a result, the official Twitch channel for Roku might not be enough for you.

best roku private channels

With this unofficial TwitchTV channel, you can get even more features without restrictions, offering you an even better streaming experience on Roku. I have also shared these Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.

Channel Code: TwitchTV

2. Red Bull TV

Besides being an energy sports drink brand, Red Bull also sponsors and streams high adrenaline sports and adventure activities. You can try out the Red Bull TV channel to watch all these adventure sports to stream them on your Roku.

roku channels

Red Bull TV offers it all, whether it’s esports, skydiving, motorsports, or anything else. And the best part is that Red Bull TV is free to use.

Channel Code: REDBULLTV

3. RokuCast

Unlike other Roku channels, RokuCast is not a content streaming service. Instead of having its own media library, RokuCast is made to cast HTML5 media from Chrome to your streaming device.

free roku private channels

While you will have to install a Chrome extension along with this channel, it is one of the best options to stream content from your computer to your Roku device.

Channel Code: CL9D5D

4. SpaceTime Free

SpaceTime Free is a free-to-use Roku channel that does not even have ads. As for its function, this Roku channel is perfect for those who are into astronomy.

roku channels

This Roku channel takes most of its content and data from NASA servers, making it the best option for the latest astronomy videos and photos. You can learn about topics like the deep sky, space travel, the solar system, astrophysics, and more on SpaceTime Free.

Channel Code: CN6MRTG

5. Update My Channels

Just like the apps on your smartphone, you also need to update the channels on your Roku to ensure that you always get the latest content. However, manually updating all of your Roku channels can be highly time-consuming.

Free roku private channels

This is where the UpdateMyChannels Roku private channel comes into play. Simply using this channel, you can automatically update your Roku channels without wasting time.

Channel Code: UpdateMyChannels

6. Tropical Beach

Tropical Beach can be the perfect option if you wish to use relaxing background videos on your TV. This Roku hidden channel offers thousands of relaxing backgrounds despite being free to use.

roku private channel codes

You can even select multiple backgrounds and make them automatically change on your TV. Not only that but most of these backgrounds also have relaxing audio tracks, which is quite remarkable.

Channel Code: VRQHQ

7. Synctrix Beta

While I have already mentioned a way to stream media files from your computer to your Roku, there might be cases where you may also have media files stored in cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

roku private channels

In that case, you can consider using Synctrix Beta, which allows you to sync files between your cloud storage and your Roku streaming device. Whether audio, video, or photo files, Synctrix will allow you to open all of them on your Roku easily.

Channel Code: synctrixbeta

8. Weather Radar

Apart from using your TV for TV shows and movies, you must also watch the news and weather reports frequently. And if you want to check the same on your Roku streaming device, you can go with the Weather Radar channel.

access codes for roku channels

With this channel, you can check the current weather, weather forecast, weather alerts, disturbance maps, and much more at any given time. Similar to the weather app on your smartphone, you can also set your preferred location in Weather Radar as needed.

Channel Code: radar

9. Wilderness Channel

While you can easily find many Roku channels for enjoying TV shows and movies, Wilderness Channel focuses primarily on wilderness-related content.

Roku private channels for free

You can find all kinds of nature, hunting, survival, animals, and wildlife content on this channel. Even though it offers a decent number of free-to-watch options, you can also get on-demand content from the Wilderness Channel.

Channel Code: FL821095

10. iTunes Podcasts

Other than using your TV and your Roku streaming device for watching movies and TV shows, you can also listen to audio podcasts using Roku. To allow you the same, Roku allows you to install the iTunes Podcasts channel.

itunes roku channel


Just per the name, this can be an excellent option for listening to audio podcasts from your favorite creators. And if you are already using the iTunes Podcasts app on your smartphone, then you will feel at home with this Roku private channel, thanks to its user interface.

Channel Code: ITPC

11. The Map Channel

The Map Channel is a Roku private channel made for geography lovers. You can find much more than just maps in this channel which makes it perfect for those who want to study the same.

best roku private channels

Some everyday things in this channel include maps, databases, atlases, flood maps, weather maps, and much more. Not only that, but this channel also allows you to study the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and many other planets apart from Earth.

Channel Code: map

12. Lode Runner Remake

Unlike most other Roku private channels made for watching movies and TV shows, Lode Runner Remake is a puzzle game.

roku private channel

This game, also known as Kong and Miner, was top-rated. Within this single game, you can find multiple game modes like Classic, Championship, and Professional resulting in an even better gaming experience.

Channel Code: LodeRunnerPreview

13. My Channels

If you have gone through this list and added multiple channels to your Roku streaming device, managing all of them can get a little complicated. This is where the My Channels Roku private channel comes into play.

roku private channels

Thanks to this private channel, you can easily manage, categorize, and edit all the other channels currently added to your Roku streaming device.

Channel Code: MyChannels

14. The Silent Movie Channel

Whether you want to watch older movies for nostalgia or want to try something out, Roku has you covered. This is made possible thanks to private channels like the Silent Movie Channel.

roku private channel codes

Since older movies did not have audio, this private channel is named accordingly. It has a pretty extensive media library of older and classic films.

Channel Code: ROLLEM

15. MultiLive

MultiLive is one of the best Roku private channels for Europeans. It allows you to watch almost all major TV channels in European countries. Even living in the USA, you can try out this hidden channel if you want to watch new TV shows.

roku access codes

Channel Code: DNLMPK

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Roku is considered one of the best options out there when you are talking about streaming devices. It is great to convert any TV into a smart TV. Not only does Roku offer all of the popular streaming apps, but you can also add channels to your Roku.

These channels allow you to get even more content for streaming on your Roku. And if you want something more than what is available on the Roku Channel Store, then you can go with the 15 best Roku private channels with access codes given above.

Since I have given instructions for adding channels and all the codes of these Roku hidden channels, using them should be reasonably straightforward. If you still have any doubts, leave a comment below, and I will get back to you ASAP!

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