Download MTK Droid Tools for Windows 11/10/8/7 PC 2024

Download MTK Droid Tools for Windows 11/10/8/7 PC:

Majority of the smartphone users are using Android devices with various chipsets. Amongst them only, you have smartphone users who also use MediaTek chipset devices. Although MediaTek chipset devices are a little bit different from Snapdragon or any other chipset devices in terms of rooting or flashing.

download mtk droid tools

To Root your MediaTek Android Device, you need to download MTK Droid Tools for Windows PC. In any case, if you don’t know how to use MTK Droid Tools, don’t worry, we have got you covered with every detail about it. Recently, I have shared Hike for pc.

Key Features of the MTK Droid Tools:

These are the key features of the MTK Droid Tool, which are offered once you install it in your Windows PC. Read the features carefully before downloading MTK Droid Tools in your Windows PC.

download mtk droid tools

  • You can easily root any Android devices running on MediaTek chipset using this tool.
  • Create any backup of the stock firmware of your Android device to restore your Android device in the future.
  • Ability to write any IMEI numbers on all the MediaTek Android devices, this feature is also supported for a few of the non-MediaTek Android devices.
  • You can also create the backup of the firmware available on the MediaTek Android device, which can be used to restore in case your device gets bricked during the flashing.

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Download MTK Droid Tools for Windows PC

There are various tools available for rooting or flashing different Android devices, but in the case of MediaTek Android devices, MTK Droid Tool provides you the service of those tools.

Another essential function of the MTK Droid Tools is backing up of stock firmware of your MediaTek Android device. MediaTek chipsets are the only supported chipsets that are only supported by MTK Droid Tool.

This tool is not supported by any other chipset available on Android devices, and the tool will not detect those Android devices too. Not only that, if you perform root or flashing Sony or MediaTek chipset Android devices, then this process will void away your warranty.

If the process is done wrong, then it may also result in getting your device into a “bricked” state. I have also shared the best photo viewers for windows.

Download 2.5.3

Guide to Install MTK Droid Tools on Windows PC:

Use this following guide to download MTK Droid Tools on your Android devices successfully. These installation steps are similar to installing any other software application in Windows PC.

Note: The MTK Droid Tool is having a file that may identify as a virus by your antivirus. Disable the antivirus in order to successfully install the MTK Droid Tool. in any case, that particular file which identifies as the virus gets deleted by the anti-virus then the tool will not work in your Windows PC.


Click on the link provided above in this article using any web browser on your Windows PC to get to the downloading page of the MTK Droid Tool.

mtk droid tool for windows


After the downloading page loads up, click on the download button to download MTK Droid tools installation file in your Windows PC.

mtk droid tool for pc


Wait for few moments to get the MTK Droid Tool .zip file get downloaded.

mtk droid tool for windows 10


After the download is completed, you need to locate the file in the downloads tab of the web browser, or you can also use the file explorer in your PC to find it in your downloads folder.

mtk droid tool for windows 7


Extract the MTK Droid Tool .zip file using any zip extractor and place it in a preferable folder.

download mtk droid tools


After the extraction is completed, double click on the MTK Droid Tool application file and launch it in your Windows PC.

Download mtk Droid tools for pc


In case it is unable to open in your PC, then you need to open it using the administrator access.

download mtk droid tools

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Steps to Backup MediaTek Devices using MTK Droid Tools

Use these following steps to back up your MediaTek devices using the MTK Droid Tool on your Windows PC. Read the instructions carefully before applying them to your MediaTek Android devices.

Note that in case your MediaTek Android device gets a break during this process, then we will not be responsible for any damage caused to your Android device.


  • Windows PC with supported OS version.
  • MediaTek Android Device.
  • MTK Droid Tool.
  • MediaTek USB Driver.
  • MediaTek Vcom Driver.
  • A USB cable for the MediaTek Android device.


First, you need to open the device settings of your MediaTek Android device and unlock the developer mode.


To do so, you need to tap 7 times on the build number of your device.


You can get the build number of the device on Settings > System > About Phone > Build Number.


Now turn on the USB debugging option from the developer mode and connect the MediaTek Android device to your PC using the USB cable.


After the device is connected with your PC, APC will automatically install the drivers.


Now go to the folder of the MTK Droid Tool and launch the application on the administrator privilege.


After the MTK Droid Tool is launched in your Windows PC, you will get to see device information on the software, which means your device is successfully connected and identified by the software.


Before you start rooting your MediaTek Android device, you can create a backup of your mobile data by clicking on the backup button.


After the backing up is completed, you can click on the “Prepare Blocks for Flash Tool” pattern for preparing it for the flashing purpose.


Now click on the Root button to start rooting your MediaTek Android device.


Several permission notifications will show up in your mobile allow them to continue and tap on the ok button.


Now the rooting process will start in your MediaTek Android device, and after the progress bar turns into green, the progress will be completed.


After your MediaTek Android device is successfully rooted, it will restart the device automatically to apply the changes in your device.


After that, you can access all the system root files on your device using any advanced file Explorer application installed in your MediaTek Android device.

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Taking Backup of MediaTek Android Devices:

Use this simple procedure to make a backup of MediaTek Android devices using MTK Droid Tool using Windows PC.

  • Turn on the USB debugging in your developer unlock MediaTek Android device and connect it with your PC using the USB cable.
  • Now click on the root button and confirm it to get the backup and recovery tab.
  • Click on the backup button to successfully backup data of MediaTek Android device.

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Final Words

Read the complete details about download MTK Droid Tools for Windows PC and its various features that I have collected from the MediaTek Android device community and from different coordinates of the internet and provided them in this article for you.

I have also provided the complete guide to root your MediaTek Android device using MTK Droid Tool successfully. Share this informative article with other MediaTek Android device users so that they can also get in hands with this software to get the various features of the tool.

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