Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Access (11 Solutions) 2024

Are you facing the WiFi connected but no internet access problem? Have you searched a lot on the internet but haven’t found the solution? Don’t worry; I have gathered a big list of fixes for you.

wifi connected but no internet access

Nowadays smartphones and computers are increased in numbers with internet connection facilities. The increased number of web available devices has also increased the number of problems.

Connected to WIFI but the internet is not working is one of those problems. This guide will teach you to solve no internet access problem on Android and PC.

11 Possible Causes Of Wifi connected But No Internet Access problem.

  • Ethernet cable not connected.
  • Antivirus conflict.
  • Enabled proxy issue.
  • Network adapter issue.
  • ISP(internet service provider)problem.
  • 802.11 b/g/n conflict.
  • wireless channel compatibility.
  • Outdated network adapter driver.
  • Increased trash volume.
  • Accidental glitch.
  • IP address restriction.

NOTE: This guide is for both PC and Android users. There is no issue with the windows or android version. This guide will work on any android or windows version.

Steps will be similar to all windows and android versions. However few steps can vary, but the matter will be the same. Read this guide carefully and get your problem solved.

Simple Solutions For WiFi Connected But No Internet Access On Android And PC.

Below are some easy ways by which you can fix no internet connection problem. Just follow all the steps with care, and you are all set to go.

1: Ethernet Cable Proper Connection

Sometimes Ethernet cable gets disconnected from the router, which results on the internet not working problem.

Sometimes cable may be connected, but the loose connection of Ethernet cable causes no internet access problem. So you should check whether the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the router or not.

WiFi connected no internet access

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If it is connected securely, ensure there is no physical damage to the cable; sometimes, the cable gets some cuts or damage. If this is the case, change your Ethernet cable. If it is not working, then follow the next method to fix no internet access problem while connected to WiFi.

2: Disable antivirus for a while

If you are using an antivirus, it can also be a cause for Wifi connected but no internet access error. Antivirus thinks that your internet connection is not secure; that’s why it restricts the internet from working. What you need to do is disable antivirus for a while and check if it works. If your problem has been solved, then follow the steps to fix it forever.

  • Disable firewall component(network shield) of antivirus.
  • Open control panel<Go to network settings<Click on change adapter settings<Right click on local area connection<Select properties<Uncheck antivirus driver.

WiFi connected but no internet access

Note: I am not using any antivirus at the moment. But if you are using then you will see antivirus driver option in the box. Just uncheck it if your internet started working by disabled antivirus. After doing this step, you can enable your antivirus again.

3: Disable Proxy To Solve No Internet Access

Nowadays, proxies are not needed to gain internet access. Apart from it, enabled proxies can lead to various internet problems. I have mentioned some of these problems below.

  • Web sites can load slowly.
  • Increased number of ads on websites, including pop-ups, on-page ads, auto app download ads, and more.
  • The wifi connected but no internet access problem.
  • Virus, malware, bloatware enters the victim device.
  • Hacking problems.

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Steps to disable proxy on Android.

Step 1:

Go to settings and click Wi-Fi.

Step 2:

Please navigate to the wifi network and long press on it.

Step 3:

Select the Modify network.

Step 4:

Navigate to proxy and select none.

connected to wifi but no internet

Step 5:

Save the settings.

Steps to disable proxy on windows.

Step 1:

Open the control panel and go to internet options.

Step 2:

Click on connections in the dialog box

Wifi connected but no internet

Step 3:

Uncheck the use proxy box.

Step 4:

Select ok and click apply.

Note: Now proxy has been disabled.Again check your internet working or still,  it is showing secured, no internet if it is showing then execute the next step.

4: Repair Network Adapter

Sometimes malware infects the network adapter settings, which causes the problem Wifi connected but no internet access. In this case, we need to repair our network adapter settings.

Steps to repair network adaptor.

Step 1:

Download NetAdaptor repair all in one.

Step 2:

Run it as an administrator.

Step 3:

Click on advanced repair and Select ok in the dialog box.

connected to wifi but no internet

Step 4:

Let it fix the network adapter.

Step 5:

It will restart automatically after a few seconds.

Note: Now you have successfully repaired your network adapter issues. Now check your internet connection working or not.

5 Internet Service Provider Issue

Whenever I face connected (No, internet, secured) problems, it is an ISP issue most of the time. Sometimes it happens due to our web service under maintenance.

In this case, you should contact your Internet service provider. Explain the whole problem to them.

Note: Make sure your internet plan has not exceeded the limit or time. You can check on your ISP website by login there if your internet plan has exceeded recharge your connection to seek the joy.

6: Change 802.11 b/g/n Automatic

Some old devices(old computers, smartphones, tablets) won’t support 802.11 n only mode. In this case, we can connect to wifi, but there is no internet problem occurs.

We need to change the wireless mode to 802.11 b/g/n  because almost all devices support it.

Steps to change 802.11 b/g/n automatic.

Step 1:

Go to your router’s website and log in (username-admin, password-admin by default)with your account.

Step 2:

Select wireless settings and click on basic.

Step 3:

Navigate to wireless mode and select 802.11 b/g/n.

Connected to wifi but no internet access

Step 4:

Don’t forget to save changes.

Note: Some routers have different UI so some of the settings may be named differently than these, but steps will remain same. Most of the router’s website can be accessed by IP address “”.

7 Change Wireless Channel

Sometimes current wireless channel your router has is not compatible with devices. In this situation, it will show you network connected, but the internet is not working. We need to change the wireless channel by accessing the router’s websites.

Steps to change the wireless channel.

Step 1:

Go to your router’s website and log in.

Step 2:

Select wireless settings from the sidebar.

Step 3:

Click on basic under wireless settings.

Step 4:

Navigate to the channel and select any other channel than current.

Step 5:

Save the settings.

Note: Try to select all channels one by one and check which one works for you. If one worked and solved wifi connected but no internet access problem for you, then set it as permanent if this method does not work try next method.

8 Update Network Driver

Outdated network drivers can also be a cause of Wifi connected but no internet access problem. We need to update the network driver to make it work. You can either update drivers manually or automatically.

Steps to update network adapter drivers.

Step 1:

Go to the control panel and open the device manager.

Step 2:

Navigate to the network adapter driver and right-click on it.

wifi working but internet not working

Steps 3:

Click on the update driver option and select the search automatically option.

Wifi connected but no internet access

Step 4: 

Wait a few seconds, and it will update the driver successfully.

Note: If it won’t update drivers browse and select to install manually. In many cases updating drivers fix the wifi connected but no internet access problem.

9 Clean Trash From Your PC

The increased volume of trash can interrupt wifi internet access. Cleaning it can also solve the problem if trash is interrupting internet access to devices. It can also help our computer to run faster.

Steps to delete the trash in one click.

Step 1:

Click on the start menu and navigate to search files

Step 2:

Type %temp% in the search box and press Enter.

Wifi connected but internet not working

Step 3:

Select all temp files and delete them.

Note: If this method has fixed your internet then it’s great. If it’s not, still you should perform this step time to time to make your PC faster.

10 Reset Your Router

In many cases, random glitches, including various conflicts in routers, can lead to wifi connected but no internet access problem.

When we reset our router, it can fix multiple issues, including wifi connected no internet access. Such matters are the result of accidental conflicts in the router.

Steps to reset your router.

Step 1:

Navigate to your router’s backside.

Step 2:

Press the reset button.

wifi connected no internet access

Step 3: 

Wait for few seconds and let it reset.

Note: After the successful reboot, you should reconnect to wifi and again check your problem solved or not. Now your Wifi has not any security, and you have to create a password again.

If you are using an android phone to connect to the internet, make sure your device’s hotspot and mobile data are turned off.

If your PC has an antivirus installed, then you should check for viruses and block them. It would be best to try to change the region in network settings on the router’s website.

11 Change IP Address – a quick fix

Steps to change the IP address on android devices.

Step 1:

Go to settings and open the wifi configuration.

Step 2:

Navigate to your wifi network, then long press on it.

Step 3:

Select Modify network, then navigate to IP settings.

Step 4:

Click on IP settings and select “static.”

wifi connected but no internet access

Step 4:

Navigate to IP address then you will see the IP address as 192.168.1.xx (xx is a random number).

wifi connected but no internet access

Step 5:

Replace xx (54 in the above image) portion of IP address with a number between 1-120.

Step 6:

Save the settings and reconnect to wifi.


Wifi connected, but no internet access is a common issue that many wifi users face, so I thought I should cover it. During this tutorial, I have researched a lot on the internet, but most of the solutions shared on various blogs have not worked.

So I tested different solutions, which used to work for me and hopefully for you. Let me know about the method that fixed your problem through the leave a reply section. I am waiting to hear back from you.

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