One Click Root Apk Download for Android (Working) 2024

Do you want to download One Click Root apk? If yes, then you are in the right place. Rooting your Android device can allow you to perform various operations on your device, which are not possible otherwise. Because of this, many advanced Android users like to keep their Android devices rooted at all times.

one click root apk

Unfortunately, rooting your Android device can be a little complicated at times. Not only that but if you have an unpopular Android device, you might not even find the correct rooting methods.

In such a case you can try one-click rooting methods. And today I am here to show you how to download One Click Root APK and Install it on your device.

You will also find the significant features of this app. These features can help you in deciding between this and many other similar apps available out there.

Apart from that, you will also learn the steps required for using this app on your smartphone for successfully rooting it. Therefore, if you want to use the One Click Root app on your device for rooting it, make sure to go through the following article till the end. Recently I have shared BombitUp apk.

What is One Click Root Apk?

One-Click Root APK is one of the most popular and most accessible to use rooting apps available on Android. You can use this app to root your device without any issues quickly.

one click root apk

And the best part about this app is that you do not require a computer. This means that you can root your device using this app without needing a computer.

Apart from that, this app has an excellent user interface, which is quite easy to use. Because of this, even if you are not an advanced user, you can root your device without any issues.

And all of the features found in this app will help you even further when it comes to rooting your device successfully. Also, download CF auto root apk.

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Download One Click Root APK Latest Version

If you are downloading any rooting app on your smartphone, then you have to make sure that you are downloading it from the right source. Because if you are not, then you might face issues.

Not only you can download an older version of the app, but you might even end up downloading and installing malware on your smartphone. In such a case, your device might be at risk.

Since these rooting apps can access even your system files, installing malware can be quite unsafe. Therefore, if you want to download one click root on your device, make sure to download it from the official links.

And if you are looking forward to installing this app on your device, you can follow the below download link to get its APK file. And once you have downloaded the APK file of this app on your device, you can easily install it on your device. Also, download Framaroot apk.


360 Super Root Apk

How to Install One Click Root on Android Devices?

Once you download the latest version of One Click Root app on your device, you proceed ahead and install it. Since we have downloaded this app in the form of an APK file, it can be installed without any issues.

You have to install this app just like any other APK file that you would install on your device. But if you haven’t done it before, then you will have first to change device settings.

By default, Android phones do not allow the installation of APK files. Therefore, you have first to enable the installation of APK files on your device. And installing APK files on an Android device can be an issue for those who are not advanced users on Android.

If this is also the case with you, then you can install the One Click Root APK free on your Android device by following the given steps one by one.


At first, open the Settings app on your Android device.

one click root app


In here, go to the Security menu and find the Unknown Sources option. If you are on a recent version of Android, then you can also use the search option. You can search for the Unknown Sources option in your device’s Settings.

download one click root apk


After that, enable this option on your device to allow the installation of APK files.

one click root apk download


Once that is done, open any file explorer like ES File Explorer on your device.


In here, locate the APK file of One Click Root which you had downloaded earlier. It is most likely stored in the Downloads folder present in the Internal Storage of your device.

one click root free


Finally, open this APK file and allow all the required permissions that it asks for. Doing so will start the installation of One Click Root on your device. And once the installation process is finished, you use this app to root your Android device right away.

one click root apk

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How to Root Android Phones using One Click Root?

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed the One Click Root app on your device, you can use it to root your device without using a computer successfully.

You can do this quite easily on your Android device with the help of this app. It makes this possible due to its straightforward user interface.

Not only that, but once you have rooted your device using this app, you will have SuperSU installed on your device. This means that all root apps will work without any issues on your device.

When compared to other similar apps available out there, One Click Root is quite easy to use. And you can follow the given steps one by one to successfully root your Android device using the One Click Root.


After you have installed the One Click Root APK on your device, open the app.


Once you open the app, allow all of the required permissions for this app.


Now, click on the Root Now option, which will start the rooting process on your device.


And once this process is finished, simply reboot your Android device after which it will be successfully rooted. You can now use any root app on your device without any issues.

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Significant Features of One Click Root App

The One Click Root app is considered as one of the best one-click rooting solutions out there. It is preferred over other similar apps due to the features it offers to its users.

one click root apk

Not only that but if your rooting apps has a lot of features, then they can be highly helpful, especially if you are an advanced Android user.

While there are many features found in the One Click Root, we are here with some of the major features of this app. And if you are looking forward to using this app on your device, then make sure to go through its following features one by one.

Easy to Use

  • One-Click Root APK has a straightforward user interface that you can use without any issues. Because of this, almost anyone can use this app to root their devices successfully.
  • It offers a simple button which will root your device without any issues. You have to click on the root option in this app simply. And after that One Click Root app will start the rooting process right away.


  • Unlike some other rooting applications out there, One Click Root works on almost all Android devices without any issues. Not only it supports various versions of Android, but it even works on many phone models.
  • Due to this, even if your device has a custom Android skin like Samsung’s, you can use this app to root such a device without any issues successfully.

Safe and Secure

  • Have you used the One Click Root on your device for rooting? If yes, then you will not face any issues regarding the security of your device. One-Click Root app is a highly trusted app; you can trust it without thinking much.
  • This app has various security features which are used by it. Because of this, this app ensures that you do not face any issues while rooting your device regarding your device’s security.

Custom ROMs and Recoveries

  • Once you have rooted your Android device using One Click Root APK, Super SU will be installed on your device. Because of this, you can easily install any custom ROMs and Recoveries on your device.
  • This is possible because it uses Super SU for root access management. On the other, other rooting solutions do not allow you to install custom ROMs and Recoveries easily.

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Wrapping Up

Well, I hope that you liked the One Click Root app after using it on your smartphone. If you didn’t install it yet, you can do so by using the latest version of the OneClickRoot provided in this article.

If the app and this article are helpful for you, then consider sharing it on your social media handles. Still got doubts? Comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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