10 Best FanFiction Sites to Read Fanfic Stories Online (FREE)

Are you looking for the best fanfiction sites to read fanfic stories? Today, I will share the top 10 websites to read fanfiction online for free. If you are a frequent reader and love to check out various stories about your favorite superheroes, anime characters, and more, then you must be into reading comics, manga, and much more. 

Fanfiction Sites

Compared to TV shows and movies, such stories have much more to read, and you can know a lot about your favorite fictional characters. However, even these books and comics might not be enough if you are interested in a given fictional character.

In that case, you can consider reading fanfiction which offers much more when reading stories of your favorite fictional characters.

And to help you read the same online, I am here with the 10 best fanfiction sites to read fanfic stories online. With all these different fanfic sites, I have also given their essential details to help you pick the right one. If you are interested in reading manga, you can check these sites.

What Are Fanfiction Sites?

Those who are already reading fanfiction must know what it means and what it offers. However, if you are new to the same, you might still be confused. Thankfully, you will be glad to know that fanfiction stories are nothing more than stories written by fans.

best Fanfiction Sites

Such stories can be about any fictional character or universes like DC, MCU, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other fictional series or characters. Since fans write these fanfiction stories, you can find a wide range of stories that can be useful if you want more than TV shows and movies.

10 Best Fanfiction Sites to Read Fanfic Stories Online

Now that you know more about fanfiction stories, you might also want to try and check it out. However, finding fanfiction stories on forums and social media can be hectic and time-consuming. Instead, you can go with fan fiction websites where people post fanfiction stories.

And you can find the 10 best fanfiction sites to read fanfic stories online below. You can go through the following options one by one, check their features and offerings, and pick the best fanfiction site for reading fanfic stories.

1. FanFiction.net

As you can tell by its name, FanFiction is a website made for posting and reading fanfiction stories. This is one of the oldest fanfiction websites since it has been around since 1998. Because this website has been around for so long, it has one of the largest libraries in terms of the number of stories.

free fanfiction sites

Another great thing about this website is that most of the fanfiction stories available on this website are available in English, which means that almost anyone can read them with ease. While there are a few ads on this website, FanFiction.net is entirely free to use, always great.

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2. Quotev.com

Suppose you are interested in reading fanfiction and checking other types of art, games, quizzes, and pretty much everything else regarding fanfiction. In that case, Quotev is the perfect option for you. Anyone can create an account on Quotev and upload their own media files in the form of stories, images, videos, and more.

fanfic website

Whether it is anime, Harry Potter, Star Wars, MCU, or DC, Quotev offers it all. Coming to the reading part of things, you can find fanfic stories, novels, poems, trivia, and much more to read. Thanks to its given user interface, you can read all of this quite easily.

3. AsianFanfics.com

Most other fanfiction sites focus primarily on Hollywood fiction like MCU, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and others. Unlike those websites, AsianFanfics focuses on Asian fiction instead. Because of this, if you are interested in Anime and Asian culture, then this website is perfect for you.

read fanfiction online

Since there are more than 400,000 users on this website, the number of stories available is relatively high. Another great thing about AsianFanfics is that it is excellent for new users thanks to its easy-to-use user interface, which also looks great at the same time.

4. MediaMiner.org

MediaMiner is one of the best fanfiction sites to read fanfic stories online. It is a combination of forums and media libraries. You can find all kinds of media files on this website that its users share. Coming to its fanfiction stories section, it primarily focuses on Anime fiction.

fanfiction websites

But because anime itself has a lot of options to choose from, everything is categorized correctly and sectioned on the MediaMiner website. You can easily find a wide range of fanfiction stories about your favorite Anime series and characters by going through this website.

If you want, you can also post your own fanfiction stories on this website with ease.

5. HarryPotterFanFiction.com

Compared to most other fiction series or fiction universes, the Harry Potter universe is much larger. Apart from the primary characters having vast lore, there is so much more in terms of other smaller characters, trivia, and things to know while talking about fictional characters.

harry potter fanfiction

And if you want to know about the same in the form of fanfiction stories, then HarryPotterFanFiction can be a great pick. Since this website has more than 80,000 stories about Harry Potter, you can find something to read that you will find interesting.

Despite having such a high number of stories, they are of high quality since each story is manually checked before being posted on this website.

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6. FeedBooks.com

FeedBooks is primarily a website made for reading all kinds of books online. Whether it’s novels, science books, self-help books, or anything else, Feedbooks offers it all to the user. Similarly, FeedBooks also has a fanfiction section on its website.

read fanfiction online

Here, you can find both small and long-form stories and books related to science fiction written by fans and readers. While this website only has 800 books under its fanfiction section, all of them are high-quality books making them highly interesting.

7. FictionPress.com

Those looking for an alternative to the FanFiction.net website stated earlier in this article can consider FictionPress. Starting with their similarities, both have the same user interface, which looks basic but makes the website relatively easy to use. You will also find a large categorized list of fanfiction stories.

fanfiction sites

But unlike FanFiction.net, FictionPress offers much longer stories in the form of original stories posted directly by the writers. Another benefit of going with FictionPress is that it provides a great active community for all kinds of fiction discussions.

8. Archiveofourown.org

Unlike most other fanfiction sites to read fanfic stories, Archive of Our Own is entirely free to use. Since it does not even have any ads, you will have a distraction-free experience while reading stories. To keep this website completely free of ads, it runs on donations.

top fanfiction sites

Thanks to the highly active and massive community of fanfiction readers on this website, this is made possible. Whether it is anime, manga, MCU, DC, or anything else, Archive of Our Own offers it all.

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9. Wattpad.com

Wattpad is one of the most popular options out there when talking about sharing stories with others on the internet. While this website offers stories of all kinds, there is also a fanfiction section on Wattpad.

sites to read fanfic stories

Because of this, you can easily find fictional stories that you will like and love while reading Wattpad. Apart from traditional stories, Wattpad also runs a lot of regular writing contests and writing awards resulting in high-quality stories.

10. Commaful.com

Those of you who are new to writing fictional stories can consider Commaful. It is one of the best ways to get started with writing, thanks to the easy-to-use user interface offered by Commaful.

write fanfiction online

While the number of users on Commaful might not be as high as other options, it is still an excellent pick for many, thanks to its highly active community.

Coming to the reading part, beginners write not all stories. Many bestseller authors on Commaful also post some of the best fanfiction stories.

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Well, that’s all for the best fanfiction sites to read fanfic stories online. You can find a large number of fictional characters and series out there that are seen in TV shows and movies. And because each character can have a lot of lore, most TV shows and movies cannot cover it all.

More importantly, fans also write a lot of fiction in the form of fanfiction. Because of this, you might also want to read fanfiction to learn more about your favorite fictional characters. For the same, you can visit fanfic sites and apps.

These top fanfiction websites also have their important details and features listed with them to help you choose the right one. If you liked any of the above sites to read the fanfiction presented above, leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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