Download Pocket TV for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 (FREE)

Want to download Pocket TV for PC? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Today I will share a link to download Pocket TV for Windows 11/10/8/7 Laptop/computer. Whether you are using your smartphone or your PC, there are many cases where you would want to use them for entertainment purposes. 

Pocket TV for PC

This can include watching videos, going through social media, playing games, and watching movies and TV shows. All of this is made possible thanks to the vast entertainment options available out there on the internet. And a great thing about all of this is that you can have almost everything available on both your smartphone as well as your PC according to your preferences. 

One such entertainment available on all platforms, including computers, is the vast number of streaming apps out there. These online streaming apps allow you to watch movies, TV shows, news, documentaries, cartoons, and even live TV in many cases.

Unfortunately, most of the streaming apps you will find will likely have a paid subscription requirement before you start using them. This can be quite an issue if you want to try out a given surface for some time.

Thankfully, with options like Pocket TV for PC, that should not be an issue at all. Even though this app is primarily made for use on smartphones and Android TVs, you can also download and install it on your PC via a few workarounds.

As you can guess by the name, Pocket TV allows you to watch live TV as well as a vast library of movies and TV shows. Later in this article, you can learn more about these features and the factors that make this one of the best streaming apps. 

In case you are interested in using one of the best free streaming apps right on your PC for using a large screen, then I am here to show you how to download Pocket TV for Windows PC and install Pocket TV’s latest version on Windows.

You will also come across all the essential Pocket TV features you need to consider before choosing any streaming app. And since there are two different Pocket TV installation methods present below, you can go with either one as per your choice.

If you are interested in streaming free movies, TV shows, and live TV online on your PC, make sure to go through this guide until the end. I have also shared MX Player for PC.

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What is Pocket TV?

Pocket TV is a top-rated streaming app that is primarily made for Android smartphones only. However, later on, as it got more and more popular, it was also made available for Android TVs so that you can use this streaming app on a larger platform.

Pocket TV for Windows

Unfortunately, Pocket TV for PC is still not available officially. Thankfully, there are a few workarounds that you can consider for downloading and installing Pocket TV for Windows. But before that, you might be interested in knowing more about this app and what it offers to the user.

As you can most likely guess from its name, Pocket TV is primarily a live TV-watching app. You can use this app to watch more than 100 live TV channels in HD resolution for the best quality.

And since it relies only on your internet for its streaming service, you can use this app anywhere at any time you want. Those who are not interested in watching live TV will also be glad to know that this app offers many movies and TV shows.

These are available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and more to ensure that there is something for everyone on the Pocket TV for PC app. But the best part about its media library is that you can either stream the content from it or download it per your liking.

Download Pocket TV for PC Windows 11/10/8/7

After checking out all the various significant features and benefits offered by the Pocket TV streaming app, the chances are that you would love to have it installed on your computer. However, as stated earlier, the Pocket TV app is not yet available for computers officially.

Due to this, you cannot download it from the Microsoft Windows App Store. Instead, you have to download Pocket TV from a third-party website. Another thing to consider before downloading this streaming app on your computer is to ensure that you are going with the latest version to enjoy all of its features.

Therefore, make sure to download the latest version of Pocket TV for PC directly from the below button. Even though you will be downloading an APK file created for your Android smartphones and TVs, it can also be installed on your computer using the workaround explained down below.


How to Install Pocket TV On Windows PC

Now that the latest version of Pocket TV has been downloaded on your computer, you can finally go ahead and install it for streaming all of your favorite content. However, installing a Pocket TV for a PC is not the same as installing another program that you might use on your computer.

Pocket TV for PC

Instead, you will need to use third-party emulator programs to install Pocket TV for PC. If you are not familiar with emulators, they are essentially environments or programs that allow you to install and run applications made for entirely different platforms.

As a result, even though Pocket TV is made for Android and not PC, you can still run it using an emulator. While there are multiple Android emulator options available out there that you can use to install Pocket TV, the following two are the most popular ones:

Method-1: Install Pocket TV for Windows via Bluestacks


Before you go ahead and install Pocket TV for PC via Bluestacks, you will have to first download and install Bluestacks from its official website.

download pocket TV


Once you have downloaded and installed the Bluestacks emulator on your computer, you can go ahead and log in with the Google account that you generally use on your mobile device and complete the first-time setup.


Finally, go to the Google Play Store and search for Pocket TV, after which you can download and install it for completely free. You can then start using Pocket TV on Windows via Bluestacks with ease and for completely free.

pocket tv

Method-2: Install Pocket TV for PC via Nox Player


Similar to using Bluestacks, you will also need to download and install Nox Player from its official website before you can install Pocket TV for PC.

Pocket TV for PC Download


After you have successfully downloaded and installed the Nox Player emulator on your PC, you have first to finish its first-time setup, which primarily consists of logging in with your Google account and choosing other settings.


Then, look for the Google Play Store in Nox Player and open it. Here, use the search option to look for the Pocket TV app and install it on your device. Now, you will be able to use Pocket TV for PC via Nox Player completely free while having a great experience for online streaming.

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Once you have been through this guide and the installation process regarding Pocket TV for PC, you must be able to enjoy one of the best free-to-use streaming apps made for both smartphones and PCs. With the Pocket TV, you can enjoy a vast number of movies, TV shows, and even light TV right on your computer’s large screen.

All of this is possible as the download link for Pocket TV has been stated above alongside a complete installation guide. This installation guide consists of two methods allowing you to install Pocket TV as per your liking successfully.

Those of you who are new to streaming apps can also learn all of the major features offered by the Pocket TV up above. This can help to understand the differences between Pocket TV and other apps and why it is the better option in most cases.

While all of these details should be more than enough for downloading and installing Pocket TV for Windows 11/10/8/7 PC, if you still have any doubts or questions related to Pocket TV, then you can leave all of those in the comments section down below.

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