NSWhatsapp 3D APK 8.70 Download Latest (Official) 2024

Today, I will share NSWhatsapp 3D Apk 8.70 latest version for Android. I will also share a link to download NS Whatsapp app. There is a very high chance that you are currently reading this article on your smartphone. This is due to the reason that almost everyone has a smartphone these days.

NSWhatsApp 3D APK

Whether it is kids in your home or the elderly, almost everyone has a smartphone. This is primarily because smartphones offer a wide range of uses and functions to the user. For starters, every basic task you would perform on a basic handset can also be done on your smartphone.

This includes things like placing phone calls, playing music, checking the date and time, and much more. And if you want, other advanced functions can be performed on your smartphone. You can browse the web, take photos and videos, play games, edit photos and videos, place video calls, and much more.

Moreover, if you have been using smartphones for a long time, you must also know about social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. These allow you to easily connect with your friends and family since almost everyone uses them.

In fact, you can even use apps like WhatsApp for productivity tasks. Whether it is staying in touch with your colleagues or sending documents over the air, you can do it all using WhatsApp.

I have also shared GBWhatsapp for Android, which is quite similar to this app. Another great alternative to this app is YOWhatsapp from FMods.

What is NSWhatsApp APK for Android?

Because WhatsApp is such a versatile smartphone app with a wide range of features and options, it is used by almost everyone. And even though it offers a pretty good rounder experience to the user, some advanced users might not be satisfied.


If you are also one of those users who want even more features from WhatsApp, you will be glad to know that you can have them all on your Android device. This is due to the reason that there are various versions of WhatsApp available out there.

While some of these WAMods offer visual changes, others are also more functional. If you want a great balance between these, you can go with NSWhatsApp 3D APK. Well, you can also try other similar apps such as FMWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus App.

NS WhatsApp App is one of the best all-rounders versions of WhatsApp available on the internet. Being a mod version, it has the support for custom themes to either download various available themes or make your own.

Apart from changing the user interface of your WhatsApp, you can also enhance your online privacy. For example, NSWhatsApp APK 8.70 can be used to go offline while staying online, customize double and blue ticks, read revoked messages, viewing stories anonymously, and much more.

You will also find other quality of life features in NS WhatsApp App, like uploading high-quality images and videos without any compression. I have also shared 1000+ Whatsapp Group Names Collection.

Information about NSWhatsapp

App NameNSWhatsapp 3D
Size57.10 MB
Last Updated04 February, 2021
CompatibilityAndroid 4.0+
Main TaskAll Whatsapp Features with Some Extra Features

Download NSWhatsApp 3D APK Latest Version

After going through these significant features and options offered by the NSWA for Android devices, it is highly likely that you also want to get it installed on your Android smartphone. Although, unlike the stock WhatsApp app, NSWhatsApp 3D APK cannot be installed from the Google Play Store.

This is because it is a mod version of an existing Android app, which is not allowed by the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store. Fortunately, you can still enjoy the NS WhatsApp App and all of its features right on your Android smartphone.

One of the best things about the Android mobile operating system is that it is highly customizable. This even includes the ability to install almost any third-party app of your choice if you want.

You can do so using the APK installer file of the given app, which is quite similar to EXE installer files found on Windows PCs. As a result, the NS WhatsApp can also be installed on your device using its APK file.

However, because NSWA has been around for quite a while, there are many versions available out there. Thus, make sure to go through the NSWhatsApp APK download link below to get its latest version.  You may also like Whatsapp Sniffer APK for your Android device.


Note: You aren’t going to face any ban issues using this app. But still don’t use too many mod features at simultaneously.

How to Install NS WhatsApp 3D APK on Android?

Till now, we have discussed various important details and information regarding NSWhatsApp. This includes some of the handiest features offered by it and the details on the installation process required for using this version of WhatsApp.

And thus, you should know why you should replace WhatsApp on your phone with NSWA. Not only that but since I have also shared the latest NSWhatsApp APK download link up above, installing it on your smartphone should be quite easy.

Those of you who are familiar with Android devices, in general, must already know the process required for installing an APK file. And thankfully, you can also similarly install NS WhatsApp. Although you are new to Android or just a basic user, you may not have any information regarding it.

Thus, I am here to show you how to install this app on your Android device as quickly as possible. You can go through this 3 part guide regarding the installation of the app on Android.

Part-1: Enable APK Installation on your Android Device

When you are talking about installing third-party apps on an Android device, you must know that they are installed using an APK file. These APK files are very similar to the EXE installer files that you would find on your computer.

Although to ensure that there are no security issues on your smartphone, Android has disabled the installation of APK files by default.

Fortunately, APK files’ installation can be enabled, allowing you to install any app of your choice as the NS WhatsApp app mentioned here. You can easily enable APK installation on your Android device as well by following these instructions.


To start, you have to first go to the Settings app of your smartphone.



If your phone has Android version 9 or older, use the search option to look for the Unknown Sources option. You can also go to the Security settings to find this option on your smartphone. After locating it, please enable it to allow APK installation on your Android device.


On the other hand, if you have a more recent Android device with Android 10 or newer, the same will be slightly different.


You will have to use the search option to look for Install unknown apps options, present under either the Security or the Apps section.

NSWhatsapp 3D Apk


After opening the search result settings, you will see a list of the various apps installed on your smartphone.

NSWhatsapp 3D Apk


Now, use this list to select any file explorer like My Files or ES File Explorer.

NSWhatsapp download


And then, enable the Allow from this source option present under this app. Doing this will enable installing APK files on your Android device when you open them using this file explorer app.

Part-2: Install NS WhatsApp App on your Android smartphone

Once you have enabled the installation of APK files on your smartphone, you can go ahead and proceed to install NSWhatsApp for Android.

If you already know how to access and install APK files on a smartphone, then this should be easy for you. If not, you can check out these steps one by one to install NSWhatsApp 3D APK on your Android smartphone.


First, open the file explorer that you selected earlier on your Android smartphone.

NSWhatsapp 3D Apk


Then, use this file explorer to browse and locate the NSWhatsApp 3D APK file that you downloaded earlier.


After finding the file, please open it and follow the instructions present on your screen to begin the installation process.

NS Whatsapp


Once the installation process is complete, you can go ahead and start using NS WhatsApp app as you please.

Download NSWhatsapp

Part-3: Initial Setup for NSWhatsApp APK on Android

Being a mod version of WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp’s initial setup process is quite similar to the stock app. If you also want to get your previous chat backup, you will have to follow a few extra steps. This includes the following steps needed for the initial setup of the app on Android.


Go to the app drawer of your smartphone and open NS WhatsApp.

NS Whatsapp app


In here, allow all of the required permissions for this app.

NSWhatsapp 3D


Then, tap on the Restore option to get all of your older chats.

NSWhatsapp 3D


Finally, click on the Continue button and proceed to sign up using your phone number just as you would in the stock WhatsApp.

NS Whatsapp


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Now that you have made it to the end of this article, you must have gone through a lot of important and handy information regarding NSWhatsApp 3D APK. Apart from its details like features and options, I have also offered the latest download link so that you can enjoy all of the latest features.

These features and details of the NS WhatsApp 8.70 show you how it is a much better messaging app than WhatsApp’s stock version. And if you are not familiar with APK installation on Android devices, you will be glad to know that I have a complete detailed installation guide for this version of WhatsApp.

This guide is quite easy to understand and should help you even if you have never installed an APK file in the past. With all of these details, you should have installed NSWA APK on your smartphone by now.

That being said, if you still have not installed NSMod due to some issue or want to share details regarding this app, then you can post all such details in the comments section down below. And I will get back to you ASAP. Keep following Techonation for more updates.

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