5 Best WeTransfer Alternatives (Similar Apps & Sites) 2024

Best WeTransfer alternatives: Gone are those days when you need to use Pen Drives and HDDs to transfer data. Cloud-based storage services have become popular among millennials. With a single upload, you can share files across the globe using a single URL.

best wetransfer alternatives

One such popular cloud-based storage service provider is WeTrasnfer. However, their services were recently banned in India. One of the saddest parts for communities who’ve been sharing useful information using WeTransfer.

Well, if you are one of them, no need to be worried. There always are alternatives that you can use. Being fast, reliable, and portable, the cloud-based storage services have expanded their business.

There are fantastic WeTransfer alternatives that you can always out. This article revolves around the five best WeTransfer Alternatives in 2024 that you can use. I have also shared the best zoom alternatives for video conferences.

5 Best WeTransfer Alternatives

To make sure you don’t get any wrong ideas, the list mentioned here is not in the order of preference. You can choose the service that suits you the best according to the details of each one of them. 

1- Google Drive

Google provides one of the most popular cloud storage services. GDrive has been backing up our data for almost a decade now. It’s one of the best WeTransfer alternatives. If you use an Android phone, you by default have an account on Google Drive.

best wetransfer alternatives

Also, with almost every Android phone, you get the Google Drive application pre-installed. This makes it much easier to access the storage. 

Google offers you free storage of 15GB that is enough for the start when you don’t have much data. If you like the user experience, you can extend the storage space by paying a certain amount. The amount depends on the amount of storage you require.

However, with the security features you get, their services are worth using. You can always limit the people who can see and access the data.

To limit the same, you can made-to-order who can edit, view, and comment on the files and folders. No third party can access the data without your permission. I have also shared the best Tumblr alternatives for free.

Try Google Drive now!

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2- One Drive

Just like Google Drive is offered by Google, Microsoft provides One Drive. Considering the security features offered by One Drive for free, you wouldn’t miss the WeTransfer premium.

wetransfer alternatives

The files you upload can be shared with specific people by granting them access through email. In addition to that, you can set passwords for each file you share. Now just that, you can place an expiry date for the URLs of each file that you share.

The free version of One Drive offers the capacity of 5GB for uploading files. This is way more than that is provided by WeTransfer. However, considering the security features of One Drive, the storage space is entirely acceptable.

Talking about the security, Microsoft claims that each file that you upload is secured with a unique AES256 key. These keys are encrypted with various sets of master keys that Microsoft stores in the Azure Key Vault. Sounds guarded, doesn’t it?

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3- Smash

Another great alternative to WeTrnasfer is Smash. Unlike WeTransfer, you can transfer files with a size of up to 350GB with ease. However, if you send files that are above 2GB, the speed will slow down. But when get to upload such huge files, wouldn’t it just ease the work?

alternatives to wetransfer

Along with that Smash offers some privacy and security protection layers. The files you upload can be limited to who can see and password protected too.

It uses the 256 bit AES standard to encrypt the files on their server. Even during the transit, they use the TLS/SSL protocol. All this comes along with the free version of Smash. 

However, the free version only allows you to store the files for 14 days. To extend this time, you can opt for the premium version of the same. This brings along features like faster upload and download speeds, personalized transfer management, and URL customization.

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4- DropBox

DropBox is one of the most popular cloud-based storage service providers across the globe. It surely is one of the best WeTransfer alternatives. Recently, they unveiled their online transfer services. This platform allows you to transfer files with a limit of up to 100MB.

best wetransfer alternatives

The files can be checked around for various details like the number of times it has been downloaded, etc. To upload and share a file, create an account on DropBox if you haven’t yet. Then, you can share the data with ease without having the receiver to log in to Dropbox.

The privacy and security features for DropBox’s free tier are better than WeTransfer. You get the password protection and limit the viewers for the file. Also, you can set the expiry date for each link you share.

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5- Firefox Send

Firefox Send is another one among the best WeTransfer alternatives. With the end-to-end encryption feature, you can do wonders with this cloud-based storage.

best wetransfer alternatives

Though Firefox Send uses the 128bit AES GCM encryption, it is in no way weaker than WeTransfer’s 256bit AES encryption as the end-to-end encryption doesn’t allow for any interference before the files reach the destination.

Firefox Send has the capacity of 2.5GB for sharing files, unlike WeTransfer’s 1GB limit. To do the same, you must create an account on Firefox Send and proceed. For security, you can limit the number of downloads, and even password protect the files with ease.

This adds another layer of protection for your files. All this comes for no extra cost. This cloud-based storage and transfer service from Firefox Send are free to use for anyone.

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Final Verdict

After WeTransfer’s services getting banned in India, you surely need to look for the best WeTransfer alternatives. This should be the one that can compete with the security features and capabilities of WeTransfer.

The services mentioned above have their features and security layers. Which one did you like the most? Are you going to use one of them or look for more alternatives? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. For more tech updates and queries, keep following Techonation!

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