10 Best Tumblr Alternatives for FREE (Updated) 2022

Are you looking for the best Tumblr alternatives? Today, I am going to share 10 best sites like Tumblr available for free. These CMS platforms can help you create responsive blogs with cool UI.

best tumblr alternatives

If we talk about sharing thoughts over the Internet, there are a plethora of platforms to share multimedia and opinions on the Internet.

The most popular ones amongst the millennials include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, Tumblr was never taken down by any of them. It holds up for the unique features and offerings amongst the users.

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022

Being one of the largest microblogging platforms, Tumblr has over 400 million monthly views. The user can share text, images, and other multimedia with the help of an easy-to-use dashboard.

However, not everyone likes to scroll posts on Tumblr and might look for an alternative. If you’re one of them, I’ve come up with the 10 best Tumblr alternatives in this article. Recently I have shared fake email generators.

1- WordPress

When talking about blogging, one can never forget about WordPress. Being the most popular platform available for blogging, it is one of the best Tumblr alternatives.

best tumblr alternatives

It comes in two major variants viz., the free and open-source script-based CMS and the freemium blogging platform. These variants help the user to come up with a blog within a couple of minutes.

The platform offers great customization options, thanks to the fantastic themes and plug-ins. The platform has everything to provide you with from social media integration, SEO, multi-user support, custom categories, menus, and whatnot.

This is probably the best platform for individuals who are just getting started with blogging. I have also shared YOPmail alternatives for disposable emails.

2- Blogger

While looking for a platform to start off blogging, Blogger pops out of nowhere. One of the most popular platforms available to post exciting blogs.

best tumblr alternatives

A user is allowed to create 100 free blogs per account. However, the interface of the platform is so easy to use that even a guy with negligible Internet knowledge can operate it.

The Google-owned Blogger has a variety of useful features missing in other platforms. Well, it includes tracking traffic, the number of views on each page, and personalized statistics. It helps the creator to write more about topics that people visit pretty often.

3- Medium

Launched in 2014, Medium quickly gained popularity and respect towards its content. The most remarkable thing about this platform is that it uses the quality of content as a rank factor.

best tumblr alternatives

Also, the way stories connect to the users plays a vital role to get the content ranked above all. Thus, it is a fantastic medium for writers and authors from every niche.

With a minimal interface, Medium allows you to share links, set visibility, appoint tags, post efficiently, etc. Not just that, the author has the authority to import content from different services. With the option to set up a custom domain, this becomes a stunning platform to compete with.

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4- Ghost

Ghost is a freemium open-source blogging platform that runs on the Node.JS environment. Thus, the platform is a lot more responsive when compared to other best Tumblr alternatives.

Tumblr alternatives

The platform was built with an idea to make writing and uploading content as simple as possible. This platform, just like WordPress, comes in two different variants. One of them is a web server hosted version and the other self-hosted version starting at $19 and $5 respectively.

The platform has active development. This means you’ll have loads of third-party applications, analytics tool, and various other developer tools. To get started, check out the trial version of Ghost.

5- Mastodon

Mastodon is similar to both the apps, Twitter as well as Tumblr. The process to post, get followed by people, and follow others have the same feel. With the presence of loads of active users across the globe, this is one of the best Tumblr alternatives.

alternatives to Tumblr

They can see, like, comment, and share your posts online. Be it user’s post or forums’ questions; the user has the liberty to share content professionally.

The most remarkable feature of Mastodon is user groups and communities. In this way, by creating a group for helping everyone with your niche will give you a broad audience.

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6- Sharesome

A free to use adult social media platform, Sharesome is an amazing alternative to Tumblr. This platform allows the user to create content and interact with other online users as well.

best Tumblr alternatives

This is one of the unique platforms available on this list. The website offers the user to be anonymous until they want to reveal their identity. Therefore, while browsing NSFW content, one need not worry about their personal details.

The user can share GIFs, upload images, videos, etc. without even using the email address. However, after the launch in 2018, the platform has gained a vast audience of 2.5 Million users.

7- Posthaven

Posthaven has proved a great alternative to Tumblr. This platform allows users to create 10 blogs per account. Every blog post is password protected.

best Tumblr alternatives

Any activity happening with the post such as likes, comments, share, etc. are immediately mailed to the user. The website charges a fee of $5 per month. However, this fee is worth every penny.

They have promised that the platform can never be acquired or sold to any other company or individual. Thus, you need not worry about your content and money.

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8- Flickr

For all the photographers and cinematographers, this is the best platform to interact with similar people like you. To be honest, it is a perfect blogging platform for them. They can share images for free.

platforms like Tumblr

Posting pictures as an individual or as a group is pretty flexible on the platform. However, storage space is limited. To upgrade to unlimited storage, the user can buy the premium subscription for the same.

9- Reddit

An amazing Tumblr alternative that most of us neglect is Reddit. This is one of the best platforms to write and discuss trending topics. As soon as you navigate through the homepage, there will be discussions on posts about hot topics.

websites like Tumblr


As a user, you can upvote, comment, and share the same on your profile. The most remarkable feature of Reddit is to create communities. If you’re interested in a topic, there is a chance of an already existing community discussing the same. Thus, subreddits or these communities can be a great advantage as a content creator.

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10- Soup

With a unique and exciting name, Soup is a little different platform as compared to Tumblr. However, the user interface and the features look similar to one another. The user can post various things, including videos, quotes, audios, events, etc. with ease. 

Tumblr alternatives

This platform can be used as a personal scrapbook. The user is allowed to save their favorite content and make its Soup. That’s how the name is justified. It’s one of the best Tumblr alternatives available for free.

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Final Verdict

Tumblr is oriented toward casual bloggers and millennials. However, if you are looking for a professional yet fun-loving audience, Tumblr is not a good option to go for. Thus, you can try out one of these best Tumblr alternatives.

Did I miss your favorite alternative to Tumblr? Do let me know in the comments below. I’ll include the most commented one as a bonus option to the list.

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