10 Best Alternative Apps Like ShowBox (FREE) 2024

Looking for top apps like Showbox? Keep reading, today I will share the 10 best Showbox alternatives for Android, iOS, Windows PC. So, for how long have you been using the Showbox App? Can’t find a certain number of movies or series on Showbox?  

Apps Like Showbox

Let’s assume that you are searching for those at the wrong place then. Want to know how to find them? 

Fear not, we have the list of 10 Best Apps like Showbox here. And I am pretty much sure that you can find any of the movies you are searching for on these apps. I have also shared these Audible alternatives.

What is Showbox App?

Showbox is one of the biggest streaming platforms showcasing numerous movies, online series, shows, and entertainment chunks. Millions of users are using the Showbox app to entertain themself.

showbox alternatives

If you are using Showbox for android for a long time, you know that it is quite a badass application to fit in for movie freaks, nerds, and casual watchers. You may also know that the app is not available on the Google PlayStore to download & install too.

But, there are some unexpected hiccups that everyone is facing nowadays with the Showbox app. We can not fix them by ourselves. But we can try to look out for apps like the same or as in better alternatives.

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10 Best Alternative Apps Like Showbox 2024

These Showbox app alternatives can help you stay put when you are having trouble finding your desired movies or shows; Showbox shows some unexpected errors or is down.

And guess what? There won’t be any more problems for you while streaming your favorite movies or shows online.

1. CinemaBox

From our list of apps like Showbox, CinemaBox HD is one of the best streaming apps available on the internet today. You have to search for the preferred movie you would like to watch in the app and, boom!

apps like showbox

Yes, all the movies available on the CinemaBox HD app are free of cost to watch and come in high definition quality. The list of movies available on CinemaBox updates each month, and a set of new movies are added too. Guess what? You can get all the movies and their subtitles all at a time.

And it is hard to believe that the movie’s subtitles come in a broad range. Despite that, we are sorry to break it to you that the CinemaBox App is not available on Google PlayStore till now. You have to download the CinemaBox Apk, and you can enjoy watching movies further after.

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2. Newest Movie HD

First of all, the Newest Movie HD app is available for only Android users to use. According to the famous movie rating website IMDB, this Newest Movie HD app has a prior rating set of Movies enlisted in the app.

showbox alternative app

This rating feature is quite awe-inspiring, according to the app critics. Also, the user interface is pretty smooth, and the app is minimal to handle. Isn’t that great?

It looks like the list is really kicking in! But again, I have to break it that this app is also unavailable on the Google PlayStore.

3. Playbox HD

If you use PlayBox HD for streaming purposes in the future, you will find that PlayBox HD is one of the best apps, like the Showbox App. There is only a couple of difference between the apps including the theme of the PlayBox HD app is blue.

best showbox alternatives

You can enjoy watching nearly thousands of high-definition content on the PlayBox HD app. There are some options like activating Kids Mode, just like Netflix. You can also use the app on Google Chromecast too.  

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4. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is one of the most used online streaming apps that can be used on different platforms. Currently, it supports streaming on devices like Android smartphones, Windows PC/laptops, Amazon Firestick, and Kodi.

showbox alternative

You can also consider it as the application that supports this kind of large number of separate devices. You don’t need to pay any fees to download or watch movies on the Terrarium TV app. And it is good news that there has been an option added to stream 4K movies recently to the app.

5. Movie Box

Movie Box is the simplest streaming app like Showbox, which anyone can easily download and use. The Movie Box app only supports the English & Russian language as of now. You can find a lot of movies and TV shows in the Movie Box app.

apps like showbox

Before streaming, you will be prompted to watch the trailers without skip options which might be a little annoying, I guess. A new set of movies get released on the Movie Box streaming app at a regular interval, which is so great. If you love anime shows, then check out these best anime apps.

6. Crackle

With 20 million users on its platform reportedly, Crackle is one of the world’s most used movie streaming apps. Can you imagine the number? Well, the Crackle app is only available for Android users only.

alternative to showbox

By using Crackle, you will be experiencing buffer-free streaming along with no ads between the movies. And for the time being, the Crackle app allows its users to stream the movies on compatible Smart TVs. To do that, you must use the software recommended by the app to start streaming on Smart TVs.

New releases of movies are uploaded to the apps in a 30 days interval time. So, you have to wait for 30 days to enjoy the new movies on Crackle.

7. Popcorn Time

I want to recommend the Popcorn Time app to our readers because it is one of the fastest, comprehensive, and user-friendly apps, which can be a great replacement for the ShowBox app. Popcorn Time app is so much less in the app size than any of the streaming apps.

free apps like showbox

The user interface is also too great, along with the fast response time. You can watch movies in any language and subtitles. I guess, with these many chunks, you will enjoy streaming apps on the app seamlessly.

8. Hubi

First of all, it is good that the Hubi app is available for Android users to download and use. And second, the bad one is that the Hubi app is not available for iOS device users. There are 2 versions of Hubi apps which you will get to use.

apps like showbox

The first one is the free version, and although you can watch every movie and shows available on it, the premium version allows you to stream videos without ads. The price is very much less as compared to the streaming experience.

Also, you can customize the user interface of the Hubi Streaming app as per your preference. That is what makes the Hubi app a worthy alternative to Showbox App.   

9. Stremio

Out of all these best alternatives to Showbox App, Stremio is quite a handy streaming app available on every kind of device to stream. It is an upgraded application that you won’t see anywhere else.

showbox alternatives

Basically, Stremio allows you to watch and manage your favorite movies, tv shows, and video content under one application. There is a total of two add-ons that you can use with Stremio. The official add-on by Stremio contains popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Filmon. Tv, WatchHub, and Open Subtitles.

Whereas the community add-ons contain streaming platforms like Twitch, Netflix, VoDo, and Video On Demand from Filmon.tv, the Stremio app also comes with other features like automatic subtitle syncing, which picks subtitles from the video even if there are no subtitles in the video by default.

Isn’t it great? Scroll through to see our last pick for Best Apps Like ShowBox.   

10. Hulu

You can get unlimited access to popular movies, TeleVision shows, and web series with the Hulu App. Their current plan allows you to start a free one-month trial to showcase their content to the first-time users, and after then the plans start with $5.99/month for one year.

apps like showbox

There is a lot of exciting content available on the Hulu app which you would never find on the web. You can also watch live TV shows and have fun while streaming Hulu.

The application itself is not restricted to any devices and is compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon FireStick, Google Chromecast, Samsung, and LG (with selected models) & Apple TV. We also posted about these Best Manga Sites.

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Wrapping Up

Well, as you now got a popular list of best apps like ShowBox, it is time to start exploring and see which app is the best for you. It is up to you to select which of the above ShowBox alternatives is a fit for you.

Just go through them and let us know about the app of your choice. Feel free to comment on your queries and share these posts with your friends and families. Happy Streaming!

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