How to Block Adult Videos on YouTube App (4 Methods) 2024

Today I am back with a tutorial on how to block adult videos on youtube app. YouTube is currently the biggest online video streaming platform right now. Both viewers, as well as creators, have been using the service for more than 10 years now.

block adult videos on youtube

YouTube is free to use, and you can find all kinds of videos on it. Because of this, almost all internet users are using YouTube these days. Unfortunately, some channels upload adult content on YouTube, which can be an issue.

Hence, today, we are here with the full guide on how to Block Adult Videos on YouTube App. I will take you through all the different possible methods for doing so. I have also shared Dolby Atmos for Android.

YouTube and Adult Videos on the platform

YouTube can be used as a great tool for educational purposes. It can be used to either learn things by yourself or for teaching your kids new things.

adult videos on the youtube app

Modern education heavily relies on tools like YouTube for teaching new things to students. Apart from that, it can also be used for entertainment.

And since the number of creators on YouTube is huge, you keep getting new videos every second. Not only that, but it also has the options and tools which allow the user to use YouTube for increasing productivity.

But just like everything else, YouTube also has its disadvantages. YouTube is a free online platform that can be used by anyone for both uploading and watching videos.

This means that some creators might even upload inappropriate videos on YouTube. Such videos can be quite unsafe, especially if kids are using YouTube. And since almost everyone is using YouTube these days including children, getting rid of such videos is very important.

Therefore, if any kid is using the YouTube app on your phone, make sure to block adult videos on youtube app. This can be done by using one of the many possible methods for preventing adult content on the YouTube app. I have also shared how to change IMEI number.

How to Block Adult Videos on YouTube App?

Even YouTube itself understands this issue of adult content on YouTube. Therefore they have already added the features and options for blocking such videos on the YouTube app.

And so in this article, you will find both official and unofficial methods to block adult videos on the YouTube app. This is to ensure that all of the adult content gets successfully blocked.

Apart from that, all of these methods might not work for you. So, having other backup methods is quite handy.  While these methods are based on Android, the procedure is quite similar to other platforms as well.

And if you want to block adult videos on YouTube app, make sure to go through all of the given methods one by one. Also, you can read how to use the link2SD app.

Method-1: Enable Restricted Mode in the YouTube App

YouTube has an option called Restricted Mode in the YouTube App. As the name suggests, by enabling this option, you can restrict videos.

block adult youtube videos

Since adult content on YouTube is a major issue, YouTube has already an option for blocking adult videos. Therefore, the first thing you can do to block adult videos is to enable the restricted mode.

All the videos uploaded on YouTube are marked as either safe or unsafe content. And if you enable the Restricted Mode, all unsafe videos will be blocked.

This means that all the videos that YouTube considers as adult videos will be blocked. You can enable the restricted mode in the YouTube app by following these steps:


First, open the YouTube application on your Android phone. Here, tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner.

how to block videos on youtube app


After that, go to Settings and head to General options.


Now, go to the bottom of the list and turn on the Restricted Mode option.

how to block videos on youtube mobile


Finally, close the YouTube app, and when you open it again, all of the unsafe videos will be restricted. In other words, most of the adult videos on YouTube will be blocked in the YouTube app.

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Method-2: Install YouTube Kids App on your Smartphone

There are a lot of creators on YouTube who makes videos for children. Because of this, the number of underage viewers on YouTube is quite high. Due to this, even YouTube wants to restrict adult videos from such users.

block adult videos on the youtube app

Therefore, YouTube has made a separate app for children called YouTube Kids. This version of YouTube does not allow the user to watch any of the adult content.

Such apps can be useful if you have children who access YouTube on your phone. In this case, you can simply install the YouTube Kids app from your respective app store as shown:


Open the play store on your device and search for YouTube Kids.

block adult videos on youtube app


Now download and install it on your smartphone.

block unwanted videos on youtube app


Once you have done that, now open the app and finish the initial setup. It will essentially ask the type of videos you want to allow in the YouTube Kids app.

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Method-3: Sign out of your Google Account in the YouTube app

If you have ever tried watching adult videos on YouTube, then you must know that it requires you to sign in. This means that if you sign out of your Google Account in the YouTube app, you will not be able to access adult content.

block youtube adult videos

YouTube doesn’t allow a user to watch adult content without a Google Account. It is a safety feature that checks the date of birth mentioned in the Google Account before giving access to adult videos on YouTube.

So, if you want to block adult content on YouTube app, you can simply sign out of your Google Account. You can do so by following the given steps:


Inside the YouTube app, tap on the profile icon. The profile icon can be found in the upper right corner of the home screen of the YouTube app.



Here, select the Turn on Incognito option which will essentially sign out your Google Account.

block youtube mobile adult videos


Now, if you try to access an adult video, it won’t allow you to do so. This is happening since you are not signed in to a Google Account.

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Method-4: Block Specific Accounts in the YouTube App

In case if there is a certain channel which you don’t like, then you block them. Instead of blocking all of the age-restricted videos on YouTube, you can block specific channels.

block adult videos on the youtube app

This method is only useful if you want to restrict a particular YouTube channel. But if you’re going to block a large number of channels, it will consume a lot of time. You are better off restricting all adult videos on the YouTube app instead.

Although YouTube allows you to block specific channels or accounts on YouTube. This will necessarily make all of their videos disappear from your YouTube feed. You can easily block any YouTube account or channel in the YouTube as shown here:


First of all, search for the channel which you want to block and open it.

block youtube adult videos


Now, in the upper right corner of your screen, tap on the three-dot menu button.

block adult videos on youtube mobile


From the menu, select Block user which will essentially block that channel. Now you will not be able to see any videos from this channel.

block adult videos on youtube mobile app

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Wrapping Up

Well, I hope that you’ve found these methods useful and able to block adult videos on YouTube appNowadays, adult content is being uploaded on youtube massively.

These four methods come handy to get rid of such sensitive content from your youtube app. If the guide is helpful for you, then consider sharing it with your buddies.

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